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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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So, another episode of Varis Rambly? I think so.
five more seconds;
I'm going to go in order of angst, here.

So, I had a dream last night for the first time I GOD knows how long. And it just HAPPENED to be quasi-sim related. ¬¬

...Well, I don't know what was involved exactly, but I know basically there were people, and they got run over by cars, and everyone who was angry was happy.

...Aren't you glad I just made you waste a click for that? Mwahahah.

Then.... Junior Ex...

....Kay, so it was REALLY bad. There was only a handful of funny skits, and I used to like the song Concrete Angel. I no longer like that song, because the girl who sang it CAN NOT SING. AT ALL. It was physically PAINFUL to listen to that. I had no idea the human mouth could make those kinds of flat notes. OW. OW. OW.

..The Queer Eye skit I was looking foreward to? SUCKED. SO VERY MUCH. It was retarded, and stupid, and they didn't even play the Queer Eye theme song. GRR I SAY.

Now, some skits were good, but the majority wern't even funny.

..Nice try Class of '05, but you lose. Even *IF* Riley Godly SUCKED as an MC, we had more funny skits than you did.

...And finally, I'd like to say: I hate WBS. I hate it lots, because not only does the streaming NOT WORK, but it also tends to crash my computer, because for some retarded reason it reloads EVERYTHING everytime I refresh the page.

...Oh, and Gabby's ticked off because she's still learning English and doing NOTHING.

...Actually, several of my characters are ticked off because they've been getting a lag in their RPage.

...@___@ I'm going to bed now. If my dad's at work tomorrow, I'll be on around ten or something. If he's home, I dunno. I'll be on eventually.