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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
...So, my Sims shouldn't be allowed to spawn anymore. Because the offspring makes NO sense. First, there's that whole 'crib errupting from a shower of dasies' thing. And when they grow up.....
lets put it this way. English Person + English Person does NOT = Asian person. Nonono. But, that's how it worked. And it frightens me. The kid's wearing Gryffindor Robes too, which amuses me, but he's also evil. He tickles people, and he insults people who aren't his parents. I think, its because while he was a baby I only fed him and made him go back to sleep by singing at him. I never played with him, so he grew up evil. XD

...Aaaanyway. No school tomorrow. Means I can sleep until nine, and then get up and wander aimlessly around the house and get nothing accomplished. Then Kate is picking me up at 6:30, and we're going to Junior Ex. Wheeee!

...Oh, I killed off the Sue family. It really was an accident.

....At first. XD Well, see.. Bitchface was cooking, and she lit the stove on fire. So, I told them to extinguish it, but as they're all STUPID they couldn't figure out where they were going, and Bitchface caught on fire, and died. THEN Mary Sue caught fire, and screamed, and died. Then, Britany Spears, Christina Aguleria, and Sailor Sue got the fire under control JUST for it to roar up again, and toast Christina. Sailor and Britany finally got it out, but then everyone was dead, so I saw little point to attempt to let them live.

...So, I wouldn't let them mourn their friends, and I wouldn't replace the 'fridge or stove that burned, so they had NO food (They called for Pizza a couple times.. XD) and I just basically got them both really really pissed off. and sick, and smelly, as the shower was in another part of the house and they were too stupid to figure that out.

..So THEN I got Sailor and Britany pissed at each other, and they fought a few times, and then I drowned Sailor in the swimming pool.

...Then I locked Britany up for a while, but I let her out, only to lock her up again, with no food or the beer-thingie this time, and she died a few days later.

...So yeah. Dead Sues everywhere. ^^;

...I think I'm going to go play for a bit. I'm so bored. XD

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I love your Sim entries, they're so funny!

Damnit! I want to play the sims again!!!!

Die Sues Die!!! Lol! Sims rock!

I thought that I was demonic! I want this game now!!

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