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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Someone, take the game away from me. Please.
five more seconds;

.....Hee. So, Hestia and Aramis got married. It was so funny. They got married in his livingroom, and in the wedding photo you can see like, half a potted plant and a fish tank. It was even funnier that he originally proposed to her in the kitchen, but she refused because she 'couldn't make such a big decicion on an empty stomach' is that SO my Hes or WHAT? XD '..Well, I dunno. I'll get back to you after I've eaten something.' So, yeah. Aramis made food, and they ate (Along with one of the random Sue chicks. She was wandering around my house ¬¬), and then he asked her again after he went swimming (...I don't know. The sims do weird things when I'm not controlling them specifically.) And she said yes, and they got married, and it was all happy-like.

....But, BEFORE they got married, turns out Hestia isn't the ONLY one with the Butt-feeling action.

....XD That's in Hestia's apartment. Which is almost exactly as I picture it in my head, only Hestia so does NOT have a lime green sofa plzkthx. She also doesn't have a computer. Or a muggle alarm system. Or a dishwasher. Or a trash compactor. She does have the toaster oven and the 'fridge though. XD Ya'll cant see most of her apartment in that pic though... and I never got a picture of it before Hestia moved in with Aramis, soo yeah.

I dunno. I should stop playing it. It does funny things to my head. I should also kill off that fucking Sue family. They keep visiting my other sims, and butting into their business, and distracting the characters I actually WANT interacting. Hermione and Hestia don't like each other though. Its funny. XD Hestia gets along with Harry, but she and Hermione whenever they talk ALWAYS end up getting in an argument or something, and they walk away from each other all ticked off. Aramis gets along with everyone though. Except Bitchface, but that's understandable. As she's mean.

....Anyway. To stop sounding INSANE....

...Uh. Had sectionals today. Was good. Sang and stuff. I have the headache of doom. I took some neproxin(SP?), but its doing nothing. So, I'm adding that to my list of drugs I can't take because I'm impervious to their pain-killing goodness. So now, the only drug in our cabinet that even semi-works is Ibuprophen. Yaaaay.. ¬¬

...actually, the headache seems to be going away a bit now. But does neproxin take three hours to start working? Cuz I took it at 4pm and it's 7:16 now... =/

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...I know. But you love me anyway =p

Holy. I'm not sure if my Aramis just went into shock mode or envious mode.

.....but I value my mortal life, so I shall refrain from saying which it might be.


Oooh, C'mon! Say it! Hestia wants to know! Although she's pretending she doesn't want to know....in fact, for some reason, she's ignoring me. I wonder why? *Innocence*

No, really. I shall not say which.

I will say, however, that I am looking forward to the day when Aramis proposes. Which won't be anytime soon, at the rate the two pinheads are going at.

This may require drastic measures.

.....but not for a while, alas. =\

*reprieve for the characters!*


...Yes, well that's because as we've stated many times, Aramis + Hestia = 2 Idiots who make gawky teenagers look suave.

..Drastic measures indeed. *..Eyes Gwen* ...No, this doesn't mean you can break out the iron box to weld them shut and toss them into the ocean. That's a Bad Idea, remember? Silly Sibling-type characters. XD

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