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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Look what I can do look what I can do!

...So, I decided to attempt to apply for a major canon character. *GASP!* YES! I actually APPLIED for one! ...Well, excluding Voldemort, because I applied for him too. But he doesn't count, Because I'm the Understudy. XD

..Butyeah. I was browsing today, and came across a MMWP era RP that was Moony-less. So, I decided I'd try out for the spot. If I don't get it, No big. I'll live. They probably would want someone they know better, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

...And since I'm lame, I'm going to post the bio here, and bore you all. READ IT. I want feedback on his History. I can't tell if it sucks or not.

Name: Remus John Lupin
Age: 16
Birthdate: 18.06.1960
Year: 6th
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Mahogany, eleven and a half inches, Phoenix tailfeather.
Classes: Astronomy, Charms, DADA, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures.
Heritage: Half-Blood

Likes: Reading, friends, writing, learning new stuff, tea, chocolate, butterbeer, plotting with the boys, sketching.
Dislikes: Being alienated, dirt under his nails, making people angry, Full moons, being sick, Slytherins.
Hobbies: Reading, sketching people and things, learning things that haven't been covered in classes.
Pet: No pets. His mum has an owl, but that's about as close as he gets.
Love Life: Well, contrary to popular belief, he is Heterosexual. And single. With no real interest in changing that any time soon.

Appearance: Remus has light brown hair that, while he tries to keep it orderly, can sometimes fall into unkempt disarray, mostly before and after the Full Moon. His eyes are light blue, and he has prominent facial features, that can look almost canine when he is angry. His build is far from athletic, he’s not scrawny by any means, but he’s certainly no James Potter or Sirius Black. His skin is varying shades of unhealthy, depending on what time of the month it is. During New Moons he looks his healthiest, but in the week before and after the Full moon he’s often pale, tired, and unkempt. He also has a jagged scar on his left shoulder where he was bitten at the age of five.

His dress style is fairly neat and tidy, he keeps his robes on hangars instead of tossing them willy-nilly around the dorms like the other boys do, and he generally tries to look his best at most times, as that’s a first impression. However, his appearance looses some of its pressed and smart-boy look during the week following the full moon, although not many are likely to notice something so minor that can be blown off as just feeling under the weather.

Three days out of the month Remus takes on the form of a werewolf, slightly larger than your garden-variety wolf, and a great deal more savage. His usually pale blue eyes turn to an even paler shade of gray, and his tawny coat reflects that of his human form.

Played By: Ewan McGregor (Unless I get a better suggestion. It took me forever to try and find someone who looked like Thewlis but wasn’t all old-like.)

Personality: Remus aims to please. He has been used to being sheltered and kept away from people who would hate him for what he was most of his life, that when he finds people who accept him for who he is, he does just about anything to continue their friendship. Because of this he turns a deaf ear and blind eye to some of the more dangerous things his friends can get into, although he gets his fair share of mischief in as well. One certainly can’t be a Marauder by clapping on the sidelines.

He’s an all-around good kid, very polite to girls and adults, and content in the surroundings he has. Its all he can do, be happy with the few friends he has, and make the best of a situation that will potentially ruin the rest of his life.

It’s hard to say he isn’t bitter about what happened, because he is. He hates that he has to go through the painful transformation once a month for the rest of his life. He hates that he knows he’ll never be able to be an Auror or a Healer, or be able to have a normal life. But he’s good at pretending he doesn’t think about that. And hey, the gang has a great time during those full moons, walking around Hogsmeade like they own the place. It almost makes it bearable for him…

History: Remus was born on June 18th, 1960, to Gwyneth and Jacob Lupin. His mother was a muggle, and his father was a pureblood, who could trace his lines back to the Middle Ages. Being a Half-blood, Remus grew up with a taste of both Magic and Muggle worlds, he didn’t have much other than the books and music his parents brought him, but he took what he could get. He can vaguely recall his childhood before he was bitten, he’d been happy, his mother would take him to parks, and shows, and all sorts of interesting things. Although, blurred images are all he can remember, and sometimes he isn’t even sure if it’s all just in his mind.

When Remus was five, he got bitten by a werewolf. It had happened quickly, and had been over before he’d known it. He’d been walking home with his mother from the park one evening. They’d stopped at a friend of hers for a moment, and he had wandered off towards a patch of trees in the yard. He heard an odd noise, and being the curious little boy he was, decided to investigate further, well, he took a step forward, and something large and hairy lunged at him, knocked him flat on his back, and bit into his shoulder. He screamed, and his mother came running. The wolf took off, and Gwyneth rushed Remus home. Upon arrival at the Lupin household Jacob had identified the bite almost immediately, being a Healer at St Mungo’s. He took Remus to the hospital, where the boy spent three months, nine days in confinement because of his ‘condition.’

His parents tried everything they could to find a cure for the Lycanthropy, his father switched Wards in the hospital, trying to help in developing, to push for cures to save his son’s ‘cursed’ life. Remus’s mother dragged him to countless ‘spiritual’ healers, being a popular trend in the Sixties and seventies among Muggles. Nothing helped.

He ended up home-schooled by his mother, and partially by his father. His mother taught him things about art, and music, and color, and his father taught him about Magic, the history of it, and such. His mother encouraged drawing as a way to relax before the moon became full every month, and he found that he had a slight peace while sketching things in their house, or making up images from his mind, and he gradually honed this skill.

As Remus’s eleventh birthday approached, Jacob feared his son wouldn’t be able to attend the school he had attended. It had looked dim in Remus’s future education, but Dumbledore stepped in then. He assured the Lupins' that their son would attend Hogwarts, and took the measures of the Shrieking Shack and the Whomping Willow to keep the students safe from Remus’s transformations.

So, he started Hogwarts. Upon his first night at the school, he was sorted into Gryffindor House, and made friends of Sirius Black and James Potter, soon followed by Peter Pettigrew. He was elated, for the first time in his life he had friends who weren’t in books, and weren’t his parents. They were kids his age, and they liked him. He prayed they wouldn’t find out about his ailment, he was afraid they’d be how his father told him people were about werewolves. About how he’d seen the way some of the Healers who’d treated him looked. Pity mixed with anxiety and fear.

Of course, the Marauders were too clever to not notice Remus went missing once a month, and within a year they figured out what was really going on. Grudgingly, Remus affirmed their suspicions, and feared the worst. They surprised him, however, by making the decision that they would all become Animagi, to spare him the lonely days as a wolf every month.

And so they did, Sirius and James studying like crazy, Peter following along and keeping up best he could. Remus is amazed, and glad that he found such good friends. He can’t imagine how he’d get through Hogwarts without them.

Character Secrets: Ohh dear… Well, I can’t rightly think of anything that would be secret!Remus that people wouldn’t already know! So, I’m going to say, no secrets here!

Intentions: I really hope to explore the Lupiny side of things, just the suttle mental problems one might have with being something with no cure. Being something that is so base, and animal, for so long. Even at sixteen he’s been a werewolf for nearly twelve years. Its just something I’ve always thought about, and would really love the chance to explore it in places other than random fanfiction.

Sample Entry:

..Is it just me, or is Professor Binns just not trying anymore?

….Wait, don’t answer that. I know the answer.

Well, anyway. That wasn’t the most interesting of classes. And a twelve-inch essay on Goblins. Very interesting stuff, although this book is almost as dry as Binns’s lectures. No matter. He never said we had to go strictly by book material. Whether he reads them or not, I’ll be looking through the library for some more interesting views on the Rebellions.

Have I ever said how much I love the New Moon? It’s perfect. Just an inky blue canvas pricked with stars that look so much brighter. Nothing can ever capture the beauty of the New Moon sky. It’s just so pure. I suppose that’s why it’s called the ‘New’ Moon.

..Well, I’ve rambled here long enough. I really should get down to the library if I want to find something before Prefect duty. And I’ll have to figure in the twenty minutes Sirius will distract me with one thing or another… Busy busy busy.


....whee. Now, I'm really frigging tired. Time to go pass out. Nighters!