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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
You know that kid who talks like he can't breathe through his nose, like EVER? The one that's in every dorky kids show and movie. Yeah. I'm that kid right now. @__@ I'm waiting an hour to take my Zicam so that it lasts through the night and I don't wake up with post nasal drip and a burning throat in the morning. Because yeah, that's NEVER fun. Of course, its also not fun being stuffed up like this. @___@

...Oh, and just so you know, those bears in those Charmin commericals who get all happy when they use the toilet paper? SO total liars. My dad bought Charmin because it was on sale at Target. We have a lifetime supply of Target sale items. My family are retail whores. But yeah, Charmin Toilet paper = NOT a pleasant experiance.

Played Sims for a looong time today. I have a Lara Croft Sim... it amuses me. She got into a fight with 'Bitchface Sue' (....IT was three am when I made the Mary Sue family. So sue me. Hahaha... >.>;;;), and that was good. Then Bitchface slapped Aramis for no apparent reason. I think it was because he was cooking food so that all the people SWARMING THE HOUSE LIKE IT WAS THEIR OWN wouldn't STARVE like the good Simulated person he is, and by doing that she was being ignored for like, two minutes. Oh woe is Bitchface. She's really mean though. XD I made her horrible. I also locked her in a room with no windows, no doors, and nothing but a mini bar for a week in sim time. I think that contributed to her evilness. Espically since one of her options when I'm playing as the Sues is 'Maim' XD

And POA comes out two days before I graduate High School. XD The girls figure that taking me to go see it will be my graduation present from them, which is fine by me. XD I'm like 'YAY HARRY POTTER!' Woe is me, for I'm the only one of my friends at Plywood who is still obsessed with Harry Potter.

.....and Busted was on the radio! OMGSQUEE! I'm really really REALLY hoping they come over to America soon. They're brilliant and I love them.

I've decided, that while it looks semi-unlikely to me now that Hestia Jones was an Auror (Although, I'm still playing her that way in the places where I've established her as an Auror, its kind of silly to say 'oh, by the way, she's not an Auror now.'), It also looks unlikely from what I've read in the book that she was a Non-Ministry member. So, from stuff I've read in random places, and RPs I've seen in which she's a Healer, its unlikely, as they aren't in the Ministry Building itself. This is just purely speculation though, based on the fact that Hestia relieved Kinglsey of his watch duty over the Department of Mysteries, I would think that the Order members who had that particular duty would probably only be Ministry workers, because it would be less odd and easier for them to explain why they were in the Ministry at odd hours if they worked there.

....I really shouldn't be allowed to think anymore.

Oh, and before I finish this rambly session, I sorted the Queer Eye men last night, because I had nothing better to do.

Kyan - Ravenclaw

Carson - Slytherin

Ted - Gryffindor

Jai - Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor. (I couldn't really decide...)

Thom - Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff (..Again, the decision was so very hard.)

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*Just cackling so, so hard*

I am greatly amused by your Sims antics, but well, um, I nearly thought "the good Simulated person" was "the good Stimulated person." And that amused me even more because the Sims from House Party should instead be called the Stims.


..Yeah. I SO want those expansion pack thingies. Because then, instead of just randomly being like 'lets have babies!' and a baby magically appears, I can do other stuff.... ¬¬

...But yeah. I want Hot Date, House Party, that one with the pets.... It would be fun, and I would become totally engrossed.

...And just so everyone knows, Aramis has a pink Speedo. *Teehee* And Hestia wasn't at the house when he jumped in the pool, so there was no butt-oogling on her part. Actually, it was like six AM and no one was there. It was funny.

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