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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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So, Because Varis is a sheep....
five more seconds;
If you know me as....

Varis: You know me online. Or you're me. Because when I talk in third person I say 'Varis' instead of 'Vicki' sometimes.

Vicki: You're basically everyone in the universe I know IRL, with the people at AP and FWF omited, because they all know me as 'Vicki.'

Varish: You're Figgy. Because she's the only person I talk Hypello with XD

Shrieking Maiden: You're Becky or Shawna. Inside joke involving Pokemon, you'd only ever get it if you knew how much like Misty I am and what a random Samurai character called her early in the series XD But yeah, I shriek. A lot. So thus, Nickname.

Victoria: You're family that I haven't seen in years, a person I've just met and didn't introduce myself as 'Vicki' to, you're a telemarketer, OR you're one of the impartial teachers who doesn't learn nicknames. Or Mr Blood. Mr Blood calls me Victoria, even though he hears everyone call me Vicki XD

Shrimp-boat: You're my brother.

Miss Ashton: You're Ms Girodet.

....I think that's all of them.

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*screams and dies* You have Girodet? Dunno whether or not to say sorry.... cuz dunno if you like her. *shrug* I took a dumb English class so I wouldn't have to suffer.

*evil grin* It would have been a year of endless conflict otherwise. Because... I like to break things and cause people pain.

-- Snowbunny-ish creature (am I a sheep yet?)

She's alright. I've actually enjoyed her class. Can't say the same for other people, but I think she's a decent teacher. There aren't a lot of people I can compare travel experiances with. As much as I loved Mrs O, I still think I would've stuck with Ms Girodet if Mrs O hadn't have left, because the format just feels better to me. Fire under my ass I guess *LoL*

*bounces* Can I have a ticket to the last day of the best, most wasted four years of yer life? Cuz, cuz, it's a happy day, and there's lots of sheep around, and there's no free food, and, and.... *bounces*

Just 'member, you have to march all the way to yer seat.... cuz if you don't.... evil things will happen.... *nod*

So. Please?

*bounces a-way*

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