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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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..Its a bad bad sign...
five more seconds;
....When you make Sims of your random RP characters, and the Sim versions of the C's get more ass than the RP version of the C's. LITERALLY. There was ass-feeling in my Sim game. XD It was done by Hestia too. *Snort* I suppose its the Artifical Intelligence manifestation of the ongoing butt-jokes. Which I can't program BY THE WAY SO NO LOOKING AT ME WEIRD PLZKTHX!!!!!!111one.


So, what happened in my bored Sim playing? I shall tell you!

Created a new house, with Hestia, Aramis, Random Girl 1!, Random Guy Who Kinda Looks like Harry Potter1!, and Random Little Child That Looks Like Tuesday1!

...We named them Dorrie, Kyan, and Becky, so that's what they'll be called. In that order.

So, yeah. After an hour of house-building, I started it up, the kid went off to school, Kyan and Dorrie went off and were smart with Chess...

So, Hestia goes into the Kitchen (...Gee. Even Sim!Hestia is obsessed with learning to cook. She sat in front of the bookshelf for nearly four hours reading up on how to be a Master Chef. XD), and Aramis was already in there insulting one of the trash cans. (...Do NOT ask me why. I don't know.)

They talk, and instantly get along and their meters go up like crazy. They seemed to be talking about Peace and Nuclear stuff an awful lot.. which was odd.

So, I click the options again (I was Hestia at this point) and the options which were formerly 'Talk' and 'Compliment' are now 'Talk' and 'Flirt' XD I'm sure you can guess which one I picked.

...They flirted really stupidly, and then 'Hug' became an option, and I did that, then 'Give Present' became an option, and I did that(With Aramis, to Hestia.) THEN 'Kiss' became an option, and I just can't seem to get them to stop. o__O And Hestia feels Aramis's butt up when she kisses him. XD!!

...So, after that, Kyan was going to the bathroom and this stupid Mary Sue that came over walked in while he was in there, he turned around, and kicked her ass out. Well, not technically. He just waved his arms and made a lot of garbled yelling in Siminise or whatever their language is.

XD Yesh.... They're really boring really. Dorrie and Kyan and Becky. They didn't do much of anything except watch TV and wander around the house.

..What I find sad, is that after five minutes of random talking the sims are making out, while in the 'reality' of RP, they're doing the whole '...He doesn't like me' 'She doesn't like me....' thing.

...Anyway. Might be going to see Hidalgo tomorrow, dunno though. Its kinda up in the air atm.

.....I'm so very bored. But I refuse to open the Sim game again. Refuse. Its just too life-sucking.

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You just got my Aramis into the speechless mode. Methinks he's planning to go and tone up a few muscles in the butt department. XD!!! ...Ow, I was only kidding, Aramis! ¬¬

*Snort* Hestia thinks Aramis's butt is fine the way it is.

.....Not that she's been looking >.>;;; *Makes sure the lock on the C box is in place*

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