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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me be boooored;
five more seconds;
I should do this for the rest of my WR and KBW characters, but I'm bored and feel like doing it for Claire right now.

fandom; tripletriad
what; 20 26 Random Facts
who; Claire Redfield [hundrednations]

  1. Claire grew up around guns, and in addition to owning more than a few of her own weapons she has experience with most of which a Police officer is trained with.

  2. She was a tomboy for as long as she can remember, and always had more boy friends than girl friends.

  3. One of her ways of showing affection is by causing physical pain. This explains why Leon quite frequently gets hit.

  4. Claire sleeps with a gun under her pillow, because of what happened when she was twenty.EDIT; She no longer does this, because Leon now shares her bed, and she feels inherently safe when he's with her.

  5. She can't stand straight coffee, and always asks for the cup to be filled only halfway, so she can douse the rest of it in sugar and milk.

  6. She lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, at 18. She keeps this information carefully hidden from Chris, even though she never had sex after that.

  7. Despite Claire's casual attitude, she takes physical intamacy very seriously, and if she has 'relations' with anyone, it's very important to her.

  8. Claire spent two years at the local university with an undecided major, before dropping out. She doubts she'll ever bother going back.

  9. She always sleeps with a light on somewhere in her room, ever since the incident with Alfred. She panics when the power goes out, because it means she can't see if someone decides to attack her.

  10. She's a light sleeper, and always sleeps with a pair of slip-on shoes right next to her bed, just in case she has to suddenly make a run for it.

  11. She was always attracted to Leon, but she wasn't aware she was in love with him, until he started distancing himself from her after in his words he'd 'almost killed her.' It still hurts her that he won't let go of that.

  12. Claire is a borderline alcoholic, something that wasn't a problem for her, really, until after the 'incident.' She started drinking whenever she had nightmares about what happened, and has sort of kept up the habit. She claims she's a social drinker, and doesn't always drink just to get drunk, but she's partially just fooling herself.

  13. Claire roomed with a Japanese girl who worked in her father's sushi bar for her two years in College. As a result, while she can't cook most things to save her life, she makes excellent sushi.

  14. Claire is a motorcycle enthusiast, and much prefers riding her bike to driving a car. In fact, she hates driving, and only does it when she needs to get more than herself and someone else places, or when it's too cold to ride her bike.

  15. While she's still very much a tomboy, Claire's got a secret passion for cute underwear. She's got a mix of sensible undergarments, in addition to cutesy things with cartoon characters, and a few things that could be considered 'sexy.'

  16. Claire tries really hard to be the best mom she can to Sherry, but she feels kind of like she's fighting a losing battle. Sometimes she realizes that Sherry's turning out a lot like she was, and wonders if her mom felt as frustrated about her.

  17. She pretends she's more badass than she actually is. She's prone to flailing, and is embarassed easily.

  18. She was a girl scout up until her Senior year in high school. She dropped out after her mom died.

  19. her favorite color is dark pink, although she'd never admit it.

  20. Claire's best friend is Rinoa Heartilly, and has been ever since they first met. Leon is a very close second, however.

  21. Claire hates how she and her brother have grown distant, but she doesn't know how to approach him about it, and knows he's too stubborn to approach her.

  22. Smokers piss her off, and if people light up in the bar she'll walk over and put the cigarette out. When she's working, the bar is a 'no-smoking zone.'

  23. Claire loves it when Leon runs his fingers through her hair. She's been intentionally leaving it down more often in hopes he'll start playing with it while they're sitting together watching a movie or something.

  24. For the first time in her life, Claire is actually thinking about someday being married and having children that she doesn't accidentally come into due to being entrusted by dying parents.

  25. Claire complains about Leon's stubble, but secretly kind of likes it.

  26. Claire doesn't like the gangs, mostly because her father died because of their constant bickering. She's also petrified that Leon and Chris will meet the same fate.