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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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To sum up my day in one word: WHOOODAFUDMPLKUCKYFUUDEEEUM?
five more seconds;
..Which isn't actually a word. Just so you know.

So, started out alright. Had a decent morning, was humming the Queer Eye theme song most of the day, Matt was an ass, as usual, although he apparently has part of an extra chromosome that gives him mamogry(..Totally butchered the spelling) glands, so he has boobs, and I'm assuming that's why he gets PMS too, but since he's not a chick, he can't have a period, and therefore he's always a moody. No excuse to be an ass, however.


Got home from school, and Dad took me to Target. We walked around the store, and he showed me all the stuff, and then we went back to Starbucks and had Vanilla Creme Grande Frappichinos. Mmmm.. I got caramel on top of mine. He got some orangey stuff.

THEN, when the Application booths opened up, I went and filled out the whole application thingie, and we left. He says I should hear back soon. Hopefully I'll get a job. It would totally rock if I could work at Target. Oh, and Cait, he says that you better get your butt moving, because they REALLY need Cashiers now. And since you're not in school ATM, you've got a REALLY good chance of getting hired.

Right, then after that, had to read through the handbook for driving. @__@ going to take permit test again tomorrow. Joy.

...Going to watch Conan and Queer eye when I get home. I'm taping Conan, because Liv Tyler is on it, promoting her new movie that I want to go see because it looks amusing.

..And I have to set my VCR for Queer Eye at Three tomorrow because my choice was to either tape Conan or Queer Eye, and as much as I LOVE Queer Eye, I knew I'd be able to catch it again tomorrow. Conan's been iffy, because Comedy Central doesn't always show the same episodes at seven as they do at noon. And either way I'll still see both. XD

...So yeah. I have no life, but hopefully that will be fixed once I get a job at Target! ...not likely, but THATS OKAY! Because Their PS2 section is bigger than their Xbox and GC sections combined. Mwahahaha.

....Okay. I'm REALLY fucking tired. I go sleep now. *Dies*