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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me fuck up that line;
five more seconds;
fandom; worldresolution
what; 20 Random Facts
who; Oliver Malcolm [seun]

  1. Oliver has been an orphan since he was two years of age.

  2. His middle name is 'James' after his biological father.

  3. He had two older sisters, both assumed to have died in the fire along with his mother and father.

  4. He was born in a small town in Scotland called Aberfeldy, which is actually the town where JK Rowling owns a vacation home. Not that he's aware of this.

  5. He ended up in an orphanage in Britan when no one wanted to take him anymore at ten, and was mostly avoided by the other kids, although he did occasionally get beat up by the meaner ones.

  6. He learned of his destiny at thirteen, due to the enlightenment of a dreamseer travelling with a cirus.

  7. All through his teenage years he worked on developing and controlling his powers, which explains why he's got such control over them at twenty.

  8. He didn't actually finish school, dropped out as soon as he turned seventeen and moved to London.

  9. His car is a red 1962 Chevrolet Impala named Cherry. He frequently claims that she's the only woman he'd ever need.

  10. He gets around a lot, but is always careful, and doesn't get into relationships.

  11. He's had dreamseers approach him about his destiny before, and has always told them to fuck off.

  12. He works in a bar called Dublin Castle. It's also his favorite place to drink, since he knows they always have exactly what he likes on tap.

  13. He gives people nicknames all the frigging time.

  14. He hates curry.

  15. His favorite color is red, and he thinks it has something to do with his mother.

  16. He's got relationship issues, because of the way life has treated him, and the fact that as a child everyone he ever got too close to ended up dead in one way or another.

  17. He lives in a duplex, but doesn't take very good care of his half.

  18. He loves Monty Python, X-men, and a whole bunch of other shit you wouldn't expect an asshole like him to like. He did go through an awkward geek phase, after all.

  19. He's not actually as crass as he usually comes off, it's just a defense mechanisim to be an asshole.

  20. He's a fairly decent cook, when he isn't blowing up the stove.

  21. He still has nightmares of his family's death from time-to-time, even if he was only two when it happened.

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21 makes me emo too. D:

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