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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Sooo, played Drakengaurd for a while today. After I got past the level I was having issues with (I found out Red Dragon has a massive magic spell of DOOM. I used it, annoying things went away. Varis happy.), I realized the game is AWESOME. Its a bit overacted, and there's this retarded thing where, instead of showing the characters close up, they do this thing where you're like looking down on the scene, but in the corner the disembodied heads of the characters talking pop up to show their reaction, as well as who's talking. Its very silly.

But the Dragon stuff is fun. Because like, when I'm not in aerial combat, and I'm battling outside on a field or something, I can hop on her back, and we just fly around the field blowing all the little guys running around up. Its GREAT. except when they hit me with projectiles and I fall off. Then its not so great.

....Yeah. XD

Making more icons for Padma right now, as she's only got like five. I need to make some more for Future!Mandy too, but that can wait.

Did some RP last night, will post logs when I've edited them and stuff. I have to say though. When it comes to relationships, EVERY single one of my characters are IDIOTS. Further proof of this?

Kes(M&M) - Alternates between being really confused and being a total sweetie. He's managed to piss Val off because he's been keeping stuff from her. Amazing she's still with him in Future!Verse.

Susan(AP)- Well, there's the whole Ginny thing. What with the running away and hiding for a MONTH at her Aunt's, and now she's just totally icy and saying nothing to Ginny. I'm thinking she's contemplating death more than she should be.

Susan(M&M)- Well, she was pretty quick on the uptake. (My Hufflepuffs are, for some reason. Odd.) And although she's still a little like '...Whooooah..' about her newly found Boyfriend-type Zachy-man, it didn't take her two months to figure out she liked him. More like a late-night trip to the Room of Requirement and lots of cookies. XD

Starlin(M&M)- Again, it only took her like, two weeks with the Justin situation. And it took him like, five minutes. XD She was a little light-headed and giddy for a while, but she's settled into the 'This is my boy' frame of mind now. XD

Parvati(M&M)- Well, there's that whole secret crush thing. Which I'm fairly sure she's denying right now. So, yeah.

Hestia(M&M)- ....Well. Duh. First its all platonic, then she starts hanging around him, and he's all nice and chivalric, and now she's all liking Aramis, and he's BEEN liking her, but do either one of them realize that they both fancy each other and should just stop being berks and SNOG? Nooooo. And Aramis has to keep being Mr Can-Get-Out-Of-Anything, so all the plot that we throw at them to try and GET them to the point of figuring out how they feel just gets tossed back at us. Stupid C's and their fickle ways. Swear to Godric Joie, Gwen will enlist Merci and Ara, and they will get an iron box, shove the two of them in, seal it, and drop it at the bottom of the ocean with an airtube and not let them out until they're either A) Dead, or B) FIGURE IT OUT. Although, Aramis would probably figure out some way out of that too, WOULDN'T HE!?!?!

..Ahem. Moving on.

Myron(M&M)- ....Is just an idiot in general. Can't expect him to be any different otherwise, now can we?

Nene(MBV)- Well. It was a loooong time ago, but that was a relationship to end all relationships right there. I don't even know when Seiken and Nene started down the train of '...Hi.' but it ended with mistletoe and I think there might've been drugs involved. I'm not sure. XD

Eycalane(M&MFuture!Verse)- Well. She was a piner. she knew how she felt. She just waited paitently for Sebastian to figure it out. Which is silly. I'm actually thinking she's had a crush on him since they met when they were eight. XD Even though it can't really be defined as a crush, there was never a point in which he was the 'Eww! Cooties!' boy. Which all the other boys were until she started at Hogwarts. XD

See? Fickle fickle characters. I really don't think I need to outline Buffy, because, well, duh. Aragorn either. And Merry just thinks all women are evil until he meets wasserface, which is still down the road a ways. XD