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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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*Is a Happy Girl*
five more seconds;
I made a new friend tonight =D We talked for like, four hours. I just joined that Splinched RP, so I posted an intro and whatnot, and she Im's me, and is like 'HI! I am the local Ron/Blaise/Flitwick Spazz-mod!' and we just talked at each other about random stuff. Its so great how you can start talking about an RP and all the formality stuff, progress to possessed bodyparts, then how the world would work according to my brain, then to seafood, then to food attacking, then to half a million other things, and then end it all for the night with a ramble about what kind of teenybopper music we used to be obsessed with. XD

I am happy. I love making new friends, and its always SO cool when I find out how much I have in common with people from RPs. I never expect to have more than a love for Harry Potter in common with people I RP with, but they never cease to amaze me.

I LOVE My RP buddies. *LOVES* ALL of you. Every single person I've EVER RPed with, I love you. Very much. And those of you I haven't RP'd with, but have chatted with? I love you too. Because, I just love everyone. ^____^

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