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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me be bored;
five more seconds;
haven't done this in ages, felt like doing it.

Ask my characters anything.

Oliver Malcolm [x]
Victoria Reynolds [x]
Ba Lin Yao [x]

Claire Redfield [x]
Chad Kaplan [x]

Claire Redfield [x]
Ada Wong [x]
Lucia Cortez [x]
Tseng Kurogane [x]
Mokoto Kusanagi [x]
Winry Rockbell [x]

Yuna [x]
Quistis [x]
Zidane [x]
Bahamut [x]
Tseng [x]
Ruby [x]
Rhianna [x]
Fujin [x]
Ellone [x]
Odelui [x]
Yazuu [x]

Quistis [x]
Harle [x]
Leon [x]
Sora [x]
Cloud [x]
Inuart [x]
Claire [x]
Zidane [x]
Link [x]
Raine [x]

Yuna Phillips [x]
Quistis Trepe [x]
Ellone Loire [x]
Miyu Hattori [x]
Fratley O'Grady [x]
Tseng Kurogane [x]

Yuna Greyson [x]
Aeris Gainsborough [x]

Kate Austen [x]
Kwon Jin-Soo [x]

Susan Bones [x]
Parvati Patil [x]

Inara Serra [x]
Hoban 'Wash' Washburn [x]
Dr Simon Tam[x]

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... uh.

I don't think I have much to ask about.

That's because you ask enough stupid questions IC for you to know everything you could ever want to know about me.

.... hey.

Can we stick not being an ass into that no-teasing deal?

How the hell do you keep all those characters/journals straight? @_@

... I had a question a second ago. Now it's gone.

Ain't we ever gonna have sex?

..I uh. I..

Shouldn't we...um, establish first base first?

If'n you wanted to be proper, I guess we could.

Can we get married now?

Marry you?

Well, let me see. Still breathing, so...that'd be a yes.

Okay, I ran randomly across the post, and I had a question from dear_mun:

Why is Tripletriad Claire's journal title "hundrednations"? It's a cool title and all; I'm just curious what made you come up with it.

It's actually a lyric from a Vienna Teng song something like... 'I'm at your back door, with the earth of a hundred nations in my skin.'

My friend fairypark actually made a lyric post with a ton of usernames made from Vienna Teng songs, and that one appealed to me, and I was too lazy to try and think up something clever. It also fits Claire in a sense that she always seemed to me a bit 'worldly' XD;

Ah. Sweet.

Thanks for answering J. Random Stranger's question.

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