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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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The mind of a Booooored Varis.
five more seconds;
Just finished tank_n_zanna's LJ layout, put it up. Pondering doing my own similar as I've figured out how to do the side thingies, and I've got nothing better to do, and my layout looks boring and stupid right now. I should attempt to make it kinda pretty until Figgy finishes the layout for it and makes it really pretty.

Also pondering making some Queer Eye icons. Because, I haven't yet, and that's just WRONG.

....Need to make Harry Potter icons too. And Buffy. And more Angel. @__@

I'm bored to the point that I'm about to start either A) Re-Writing ALL my character's profiles and linking them to their handles/posting them in their journals, B) RPing with myself. (Either Aparicium or M&M. I don't think I can RP with myself anywhere else. The characters just don't interact.), C) Soloing (Which is always so fun.), D) Banging my head against a wall, E) GRAPHICS. ¬¬ F) Watching mindless TV until my brain rots from boredom, or G) IMing random people I haven't talked to/should talk to/haven't talked to in forever and a day.