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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, spent most of today just mucking around, made some Icons for Padma (Who I just got approved for. Whee.) and Future!Mandy. And to shamelessly plug, both Erised and Splinched need Parvati's. And lots of other characters. People should join. They should join Crystal Ball too.

...So yeah. Besides that, and doing up profiles, I started playing Return of the King.

Can you say ARGH!!!!!!!!? @___@ Kay, so I start out as Gandalf, and everything is fine and dandy, killing orcs and shit, and then after that, you can pick to go on the 'Path of the Wizard' the 'Path of the King' OR the 'Path of the Hobbits' Guess which one I chose?

So, I'm going through the Paths of the Dead, all like whee and stuff. I figured I wouldn't have to fight or anything, because, y'know. KING and all. Oh no. Its a kill shit game. I forgot. So, first thing I notice is that they SO did not use the actors for VAs in this game. Legolas's voice sounds higher than Orlando Bloom's and Aragorn is on the verge of sounding Cockney. Just during SOME sentances though. But when he does soud thus, I go '...Huh?'

...So, yeah. back to the Paths of the Dead. I'm walking along, and as I approach this cell of bones, Aragorn (Or Legolas. I've got no fucking clue. I can't tell them apart in this fucking game.) Yells out 'WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SPIRITS! THEY INHABIT THE BONES OF THE DEAD!!!!'

..Well, bones + not connected to flesh=...dead, right? So, yeah. Random ghosties attack me, I kill them. Not too hard. it IS hard however when it KEEPS happening, and when I can't exactly tell the Elf from the Ranger in the dark areas. I got killed because I was looking at Legolas who I THOUGHT was Aragorn, but it turns out I was over in the corner being ass-raped by this giant ghosty with a spear.

...So far, I hate this game. But I have to keep playing it. For when I'm not hating the retardedness of the thing they want to call plot, YAY for killing random shit, and YAY for movie cutscenes.

...Also, there are three unlockable characters. FARAMIR!, Pippin, and MERRY!

So, Have to play it through. Must beat the 'Crack of Doom' *Snorfle!* Which is what I have to beat to unlock said characters. Unless I cheat. Which I could do. Because... I could play as Faramir.. AND Aragorn... or, I could make friends come over, and I could have them play one, and I could play Aragorn! (..Because I love Aragorn more. Sorry Faramir. You'll always be number 2. No matter how sexy your ass is.)

.....But yeah.

.......Anyway.. Gonna go steal frappichino from the fridge and talk to myself now. Whee. Please people, RP is good. I WANT to RP. And I'm online all night tonight. Someone play with me, I'll give you cookies.

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Pippin would like to complain about his lack of bold and underline, hehe.

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