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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have a feeling I'm forgetting something... but I don't know what. Hum.

I think I'm for bed in about an hour. No one is on and I'm getting sleepy sitting here making icons.

I *Heart* David Boreanaz.

Where is handful? I haven't seen her in two days and didn't get to wish her happy birthday. I miss her. *tear*

...Must figure out how to do those side-scrolly layouts. I have an Idea of what I'm going to do for tank_n_zanna's layout, but to do that, I need to learn how to do the bloody thing. =/

...My word of the week is 'smite' just so you know. It was my word of the week for the past five weeks, but that's okay, because I really like the word 'smite.'

.....Being sleepy = V. V. bad for brain. And making icons. Ideas are like '...Hm. There is something wrong there.' @___@

..Yeah.. Going back to staring at the pretty lights now. and eventually falling asleep. Whee.

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Wee! Icons!

Hey as an aside - what is the bitmappy font in that icon? (Been looking for one that has a nice, legible "n.")

Well, its actually a self-made font XD I do it ALL with a paint brush directly onto the icons. If I knew how to make real fonts, I'd totally make it. It would save me like, several hours spent filling in tiny words, BUT I don't, so the paintbrush is my friend.

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