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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me blame kacee for this;
five more seconds;
I love Jessica Biel as Claire for to_the_end_rp. But I'm starting to think that Evangeline Lily might make a good Claire too...and Josh Holloway is already Leon.

So, I don't know. Assistance would be appreciated. =X I may also use Jessica, and then when/if we Fast-forward four years to RE4 timeline, switch to Eva, since Evangeline DOES look a lot like a more mature Jessica Biel. e____e

Kate or Abby?



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omg evangeline lily. i'm voting for her since she's the only one i know. :D

I'm sure that's gonna end up being how a lot of people vote. either that or 'WAIT, CLAIRE/LEON IS VARIS'S OTP AND JOSH HOLLOWAY IS LEON? KATE/SAWYER=OTP, YO.' Since Jack is gross and egg-headshaped.

Really, the REAL reason I consider it is because Kacee said that Kate and Sawyer have a makeout scene at some point. Which I don't remember. Which means it's either in the series before I started watching...or I missed something/blocked it out.


... right, so anyway.

i remember it. i think. i remember kissage. like, uh, when i think jack & sayid (it was back in season one, so i'm kinda blanked) tied him up, or whatever. and he got kate to kiss him.

*watching it right now.*

It's when Sayid tortures him! And Sawyer was all like "I'll tell you if Kate gives me a kiss." And she does. If I remember all that right, anyway.

Yeah, that's what Yuzu said, so I looked through my DVDs and found it. XD;

I can't believe I just voted for Evangeline Lilly. Woah.

Yeah. Ditto. That LOST chick (whoever her name is xD)

I have no idea what the poll is about, but I like the first picture more than the second one, so I voted for that one.

Does this mean I broke the poll cuz I don't know what I'm doing?


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