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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Ohhh.. today was good. =D

First of all, FRIDAY. Good enough? Cha. Secondly, I've got the house TO MYSELF tomorrow, so I can just chill all day. Which will be great.

Thirdly, COMPUTER IS FIXED! Oh my lovely PSP, how I've missed you so! *Pets it!* Only problem is, I have to resize all the brushes I downloaded on my mac and have gotten to like, because they're too big for PSP. I love the fact that PSP is universal to JBR and ABR, I HATE the size limit it has. 255 pixels.. *Grumble*

..AND, fourthly, I FINALLY got to take back the bloody DVDs and Game that dad got me that I already had. Exchanged them for TWO games, one being ROTK (*SQUEE!*) and the other being Drakenguard... or something like that. Its the new one by Square-Enix. Its also the only one I've played atm. I'm trying to figure out if I love it, or hate it. I'm kind of.. confused by it right now.

...One thing I DO not like though, I can't figure out what the fuck is measuring my health and MP.... AND I am NOT liking the combat atop Dragon. I mean, I have to fly the fucking thing, at thingies, and I'm expected to do all this, hit the R2 button, the R1 button, and like, fourty other buttons in succession to kill these little thingies before I die. And she flies over my targets ALL THE FUCKING TIME which is SO annoying. *GRRRS at Red Dragon*

...The game HAS tempted me to make a mute Dragon Handler. Because that's basically what the main character is. He gives up his voice to make a pact with the Dragon, so that neither one of them dies. Its silly, because he hates Dragons a whole lot. And they feel the need to KEEP stating this. Every fucking time its like 'Caim must fight for his life and the life of the Dragon he can't help but hate' Is that corny or what?

...I must admit, the story is alluring, and the graphics are all of the shiny. Game play will be good once I figure out what the fuck is going on. The only thing I've got qualms about right now, is that Caim's VA SUCKS. But that's okay, as he should be mute now. I hope. I don't know because I haven't gotten past the part where I'm killing shit on the back of the dragon.

...His sister's VA sucks too.

.....And there's an elf who's gone batty. I want to see her. Soon. She must be awesome. She kills children apparently, because her family was murdered or died or somesuch, so she made a pact with Undine and Salamander, and her body function that she gave up was her womb. I think, that would be so cool. I would give up my womb to have a pact-beast of uber-coolisim.

...Why are there not pact beasts?