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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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To Figgy, Laurie, and whoever else this applies to.
five more seconds;
Won't be on for a while, probably around eleven before I head off to bed, or ten, or maybe earlier. It all depends. If I am, I've got RP date with Laurie, we need to figure out what we're doing and do it. Figgy, if you've got a muse for Padma, Parvati wants playage. Or, if you've got a muse for anyone you can throw at her, that would be great.

..Otherwise.... yeah. Three days left until the weekend.. @__@ I can do this. I can get to the weekend without dying. Just gotta keep thinking that until the school year's over.

...and will someone PLEASE poke me until I remember I need to submit my applications to College? I'm not going to get in Fall semester at this rate, although I never wanted to in the first place. Dad just wants me to. ¬¬

On another note, raided the CDs the Stepbrother left behind today. Found two I hadn't seen before. Disturbed and Hoobastank. XD Now, Disturbed is interesting. I can't say that I like or dislike them after listening to half of the first song. I'll have to listen to the rest of the CD at some point. Yay for the Hoobastank, however. They own my soul, and I'm listening to it now. Mwahahahaa.

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Hey! I was just wondering if you're okay with having your icons nominated in lotrawards. I wanted to get your permission before I did it! <33

Wow, sure go for it! *Feels all honored-like*

I totally forgot my hellish, hellish meeting tonight. *sniff* I'll be out at LEAST until 11, if not later. *sulk*

No worries. I've got a headache now, so hitting bedthingie. We can try and break the curse of RP some other night. *HUGS!*

Did someone say Disturbed....?


.....Ahem. Which album is it anyway? XD

Re: Did someone say Disturbed....?

...Urm, Sickness, or something along that line? I don't remember exactly. There was a scary baby-child-thingy on the album cover and I kind of ran screaming away from the case. I'm going to put tape over that thing before I go to pick it up again. It scares me on so many levels. Which really isn't a hard thing to do, but STILL.

Re: Did someone say Disturbed....?

Hee. Listen to their remake of a Tears For Fears classic (Shout 2000), Stupify, The Game, and Violent Fetish. You should check out their Believe album because that one's even better. =D!

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