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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I'm not impressed with humanity.
five more seconds;
Hey guys. Serious post here.

A friend of mine made a post earlier today, saying that she was afraid her cat was dying, and that she wasn't eating anything other than water and milk. She's been really worried.

Well, she IMed me when I got home from work, and told me the situation. Her boyfriend's asshole friend mistreated her cat, and wound up crushing her insides. Additionally, Suzuki, the cat, was pregnant, and obviously now she's going to miscarry.

They're taking her to the vet tomorrow, in hopes that she'll be able to save her. As many of you on my Flist know, it's so hard to lose an animal you love. And my friend is very concerned, as she now has to feed Suzuki with an eyedropper, and is keeping a very close eye on her.

My request to you all, is to pray that Suzuki will be okay. That the vet will be able to help her, and she'll have more kittens one day, and that she'll be healthy once recovered.

I'd also like for you to pray for all animals that are subjected to violence, and are suffering because of it. All animals from the stray cats that little kids kick at because they're growing up to be domestically violent, to the poor abused caged animals in the zoos, who have to endure hours of torment every day for your viewing pleasure.

I don't need to hear people bitching about human rights right now, I'm talking about animal rights. Animals have personalities, and are part of our families, and my friend might now lose part of hers.

I'm just asking for a moment of prayer for the little Siamese named Suzuki. Wether you believe in God or not.

Additionally, if you feel so inclined, feel free to link this post in your own journal. I'm making it public.

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What in the hell did they do to that cat?!

Cat or not, she's in my prayers. I know how much cats mean to people, being a cat owner myself.

by golly you bet that little kitty's gettin a prayer from me. i hate people who are mean to animals. aklslks;fshfkjsldfsdfdsdf

..i'm okay, really.

your friend's boyfriend's asshole friend could actually be arrested for cruelty to animals... just a thought...

I told her she should press charges, since it's highly illegal, but I don't know if she will or not. as it is, they're not allowing him anywhere near their house again.

We thank you all for your prayers. Really ew do... I hope that she'll be alright.

I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow in makia.

Son of a mother fucking bitch. I wish for the same thing to happen to him. Not more. Not less. The same thing.

I'll pray for Suzuki. No need to tell me to pray for the other animals, though. I do that every single night. That's the reason for why I'm becoming a lawyer.

Jesus fucking Christ. Here through divergent.

If there's one thing I can't understand, it's animal cruelty. Suzuki's definitely got my prayers. And I hope that the boy who did it gets the punishment he deserves.

And I always pray for the animals out there, the ones that are getting their whiskers burned off, the ones that are being abandoned because the 'owners' just got them for decoration and realised they couldn't handle the responsibility of being a human being. The animals who suffer horrors I can't even imagine.

Damn right they get my prayers.

Just voicing support for what you're saying...

Hi. I'm a friend of powercorrupts(she linked your entry in her journal).

I just wanted to say that I will keep a candle lit and a prayer said for your friend. I know how it is for her. Most of the pets I have were abused by their former owners. It's not fun. It's not pretty. And (mind you, this is my opinion) your friend should try and get the *#$%@! on charges of animal cruelty.

I'm sorry for poking into your journal, but that's just not right. I totally agree that animals are almost as sentient as humans (with feelings and emotions of their own).

That's absolutely apalling.

I'm not sure which friend did it, but still. I get the impression that some of his friends aren't ..... the most intelligent people around.

And I wasn't sure if it was Harley or Suzuki that she'd kept, and she didn't mention which one it was......



I met him once. I really didn't like him much at all.

Not ChuckRobertNateHall, I hope.

No, that couldn't be, anyway. He's allergic to cats :$

No. Not Nate-Robert-Man.

Robert was....Couch Guy Robert, apparently. He just followed Sean to school and would spend the day sitting on the couch in the hall.



He moved to Missouri. To go live with some 25-year-old man named Micheal. Whom he met on the internet, and has never seen before in his life.


I miss him already and he only left on Saturday. :(

People like that need to be drawn and quartered. I know the pain of losing an animal all too well. I'll keep her in my thoughts.

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