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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I'm not way late ish >.>
five more seconds;
okay, haven't posted all day. been logged out and playing DOA2 Hardcore all day. Yes, I like playing fighting games. They're fun. They require very little thought from me.


Ask my characters anything you want. And I mean anything. the list is here.
(additionally there's Miyu and Ritz from iCity, Tai and Gatomon from digimon03, but I haven't had a chance to update my userinfo yet. *doing it now*)
Spam me bebbehs. Spam me hard.

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You're a hideous cat. Just so you know.

I'm not really bothered by your opinion.

Yes, I hope my feline appearance burns your retinas.

Not hard to do, you know.

I was wondering when you'd show up.

How's the pillows?

D'you know how hard it is to remove piss stains?

And I was so nice to you, Squish.

I have a cat of my own, and she has had previous urination problems, yes.

I didn't appreciate the bonnet.

Bullshite. You did it on purpose, I bet.

The bonnet was cute.

I did it on purpouse, yes. But that's only because you didn't have a damn cat box for me.

The bonnet was a primitive torture device.

The ribbon was even cuter.

okay, I kind of liked the ribbon

I thought you were trying to choke me.

man, i totally don't know any of your characters real well. ;/ like how they're played and all. and god knows i'm too lazy to actually GO CHECK. so hit me.

I won't do that thing again. That made you freak out.

Uh. Yeah.



...Quistis, are you okay? In there, I mean.

You're all.. not controlling yourself and stuff.

She's fine.

. . . k i l l i t .

...but we can't kill it, because then we'd kill you.

I'll ask the longhaired pretty man about it, he got it out of the flower girly.

You can't kill me.

d o n ' t c a r e .       n e ed s  to   b e                    d o n e.

Go away, I'm not talking to you.

We'll find another way. Drive it into an ox or something, and then we can kill the ox.

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