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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is pimping properly
five more seconds;

nocturnus , a, um, adj. [from the adv. noctu, analog. to diurnus from diu] ,

I. of or belonging to the night, nocturnal

Welcome to Nocturnus this is a Post-Blade Trinity (Movieverse) Role-playing game.

The game will be taking place about a year after the events in Blade Trinity. Most, if not all, Vampires are PRESUMED dead. The Nightstalkers are still operating, Abby and King are heading up a new cell while Blade is in stasis in an undisclosed location.

New problems have cropped up, as they usually do with evil. Werewolves (Going off of the Alternate Ending) Have made themselves known. One of the many fantastic mutations the vampires fucked with while they were at large. Additionally, there are still millions of the Farming Facilities that the Stalkers are working to shut down all the time, because the Familiars seem to be under the impression that the Vampires aren't gone for good.

The Familiars would be right. A small number of Vampires were able to survive the Daystar outbreak, either by retreating to airtight facilities while the virus spread, or by somehow developing an immunity to it before it ripped them apart.

These Vampires have been growing in strength and numbers underground, and they're about to bust their shit out again.

you need to apply;

all characters need to be applied for.

Canon Character Application


Character you're applying for:
Movies He/She appears in:
Brief History:

after you give me all that, if I find your application acceptable, I'll schedule a time convinent for you to do a test RP.

Original Character Application


Character Name:
Character Age:
FULL History:
Third-person Role-playing Sample:

Send all applications to unknowngoddess[at]gmail.com

Whistler (if probable explination as to why he's alive is provided.)

Original characters to take up the replacements in Abigail and King's sleeper cell, additional OCs to be Nightstalkers in other areas or cities, and surviving vampires, and/or werewolves.

The community is _nocturnus. OOC avathar and Logs worldrevolution.

We're looking for active players who know the canon, and full rules can be found on _nocturnus's userinfo.

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So... how about that profile of mine? Was it acceptable or non-accetable?

I'm at home now, so that means I can IM and pester you.

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