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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
..Kay. I signed up for that Worldbroadcasting thingymadoohicker... Just in case. I'm totally digging the instant Handles (Although most of my Canon sans Hestia seem to already have handles. No worries though, I'm starting to like their Middle names *S*), But... I do NOT like the fact that I can't preview my handles. I like to stare at them in the window, and make sure everything looks good. I can not do thus. It bothers me.

....I'm reallyreally intimidated by the whole thing right now. Figgy, I need you to hold my hand and walk me through this, because, it scares me. o__o

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Just go to a PR and test everything. That's what I've been doing. *Nods* I mean, if it messes up, it'll only screw up for you. But yeah, I DEFINITELY know what you mean.

*Snorting* This coming from Regular Bowel Movements Woman. Now THAT would be a very, very strange superhero....

...DUDE. Regular Bowel Movements Woman could be Understudy Girl's SIDEKICK! We can steal canon AND teach people the wonders of going poo! ROCK ON!!!!!


The subject line says it all. XP


No, you don't really want me to respond to that. XD


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