May 26th, 2004

five more seconds;

..Well, I'm spammy, aren't I?

I know, I'm flooding everyone's flists. @__@ I have icons though! I was bored earlier and made them!!

1st one I made a few days ago, but I forgot about it, so I stick it up now. <3 that picture.
2nd one did earlier, because I was going through my image folder and came across that picture of the Hogsmeade sign, and felt I needed to use it. border is teh_indy brush.
3rd icon is Jack Sparrow. I started out with the HPness, then I got bored with that and switched to POTC. I like how this came out in all its simpleness. border brush is also teh_indy.
4th icon. Norrington, obviously. I THINK this is from the bloopers, although I can't remember. He may have smiled when he was talking to her in the movie. I can't remember. Border brush teh_indy.

....Speaking of the bloopers.. I wish I had DVD drive. I want frame-by-frames of that little exchange. Whenever I watch it I have to rewind it at least six times to see the look on Jack Davenport's face. XD It makes me die. EVERY time. XD

...Okay. Done now.
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