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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is soooo bored.
five more seconds;
Okay, since I have never done it before, and I'm bored..

Ask any one of my characters questions, and they'll answer them.

...If you can't remmeber who I've got, check my userinfo. Complete list there, yo. XD

EDIT: made it public because it's more fun when they reply in character journals XD

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Your leg's broken, isn't it?

No? I just got all scratched up. I told you. It isn't that bad.

So uh, Quistis.

What've you been doing in Bevelle all this time anyway?

So when can I meet him? Eh?

Has it ever occured to you that Shuin was alive before Tidus, therefore Tidus looks like Shuin and not the other way around?

Ohh, I'd like to hear your answer on that one too, Yuna.

Are summoners like summer squash? If so... got any butter?

How many of me do you think you can fit into those pants of yours?

Yuna... exactly WHERE did you get the idea that having a baby while the world is in the state it's in, is a good idea?

It's my upbringing not to worry about things like this?

What do you find attractive in that bull-headed husband of yours?

He's considerate of my feelings, He loves me for who I am and not what my title is, he's the sweetest, most gentle man I have ever met, and he's nothing like you.

Would you stay in Bevelle if I asked you to?

if I say yes will you stop threatening me with it?

Should we have another baby?

Why are you so obsessed with Sex?

I'm not! Not any more than any other 20-year-old male, anyway.

So, did you get laid before you ditched Rinoa?

Again with this Rinoa person. I don't know anyone by that name.

...is there any reason behind wanting me and Raine to have another kid?

...I told you. I want a little brother or sister. (preferably sister. I already had a little brother.)

Lady Yuna, isn't Commander Lucil just wonderful?

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