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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is very bored.
five more seconds;

_foreverfantasy is crack love

...Why yes. I did make a forever fantasy is love banner. I was THAT bored today. Go me. Real post later, maybe.

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XD but _FF is love! And crack! It's crack!love!

..XD Crack!love. XDD *goes to do a bit of an edit* Look at it now. >D

>XD yes! The crack rules all!

....You know, that sounds kinda wrong. xD

At least I didn't say we were all on Slave Crown? XD;


I HAVE A SLAVE CROWN SHOT THOUGH! *POINT!* I knew there had to be someone wearing a Slave Crown in the banner. And since I was too lazy to photoedit Yuna and Cloud wearing them (Since they're the only two where I think the crown is actually visable?) I just... used Terra-Celes-whoweverthefuckthatssupposedtobe.

Must.. draw.. fanart... leik woah.

Ultros: I protest! I should be the purple one! Not the damn bird!

::kicks him:: Don't mind Uncle Ulty. His ego it a bit much for a landwalking mollusk.

Swiping! ♥

>D I just grabbed the first picture I happened to come to because I was running out of ideas I could use that weren't like, *OMG TEH COUPLES!!!*

...Chocobo. Chocobo friend. *pets teh chocobo.* >.>

Ultros: Chobobo food. >:D

... ::punt::

Ultros: Aaaiieeeeeee~~

*DEAD* xDD Haha. I love you Vicki; but as platonically as I possibly can. xD LOVE

Where ever would I be without my daily dosage of _FF crack?
Maybe I'd become famous and make millions. Maybe I'd aspire to all the hopes and dreams my family has unfairly pressed upon me. Maybe I’d become the first woman president!

... *snort* But damned is this isn’t some damn good shit right here.

OMG ::puts it on her user info::

So putting it in my user info. XD

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