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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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This Journal is Now Friends Only;
five more seconds;

This journal is Friends Only.

Rules regarding that?

† Reply to this comment with the reason why you think you should be added. If it's good enough, I'll add you. If it isn't? Do you REALLY care about what I'm writing about? really?
† Don't just friend me without commenting on this post. I don't check my userinfo a hell of a lot, and when I do, clutter drives me insane, so it's possible I'll ban your journal to keep it off my 'also friend of' list. If you want me to add you, I highly recommend commenting to this post ;)
† I rarely remove people unless they remove me first. If I do happen to remove you, it's because you never update, I don't really remember who you are, or I don't actually read your entries.
† If you're just adding me because you like my icons, there's herbskillz for that. It's an open community, and I rarely post icons here.
† If you like my icons, and think I'm cool cheez and whatnot, go ahead and add me. XD
† If you're looking for my iPod tutorial, or any other tutorials I have made/happen to make, they can be found in herbskillz's memories.
† If you're looking for screencaps that I've made/used, some of them are linked in the userinfo of herbskillz. Eventually I might actually have all the caps I've made uploaded. ;)

Yo Varis, Dave here. Friending you for great justice.

(Deleted comment)
idk about the nice thing, that comes and goes, but adding! XD

Plz to be added to teh friends list? :D

Hi! My name is Andrew! I just saw your post in the left4dead360 and decided to click on your profile after noticing your Resident Evil icon. That's when the awesome started. Resident Evil? Fullmetal Alchemist? Lost? Firefly? Star Wars? Buffy? RYAN REYNOLDS? Duuuuuude. We have more in common than you can shake a zombie at.

I'd love to add you if that's okay? :)

Oh wow, absolutely XD I think I've seen you around the other RE comms, so, yes. Adding!

Hey hey Jill's player from DC over here. I want to friend you because you are cool. Y/N? :D

fonz recommended you to me on this friending meme. I've seen you around before, as I am a huge RE dork, and you do seem really neat. And I was nervous about adding you. In general, I love the vidya, but there's more to me than that. I'm not sure what else to say, besides consider adding me back?

Aww I don't bite I promise XD Adding!

(Deleted comment)
sorry it took so long to get back, I got EPICALLY distracted. ANYWAY, ADDING YOU~

(Deleted comment)

Re: aaaand I finally get around to commenting

ahahah added! 8D

Is a Rini. ;; Already asked. <3

Tis the Will! Add me so that we may snark at each other outside of meatchat.

ffff added for maximum snark 8D

I love your icons and think you're pretty nice to get to know. I also love RE and everything related to it. Can I add you?=)

(Deleted comment)
HI VARIS it's gabby from sp! :)

i hope it's okay... if i add you?

fffffffff of course 8D Adding you back!

Okay, so I'm guilty of loving your icons XD *shot* However, you also seem like a really nice person from what I've seen so far. *adds you* I usually update pretty reguarly these days, plus having another Resident Evil/ ClairexLeon fan to talk to would be awesome. Oh, and I comment often on journals too ;)

I would like to post some of my icons that I made :)

herbskillz is not an open community, and I am not looking for associates at this time.