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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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This Journal is Now Friends Only;
five more seconds;

This journal is Friends Only.

Rules regarding that?

† Reply to this comment with the reason why you think you should be added. If it's good enough, I'll add you. If it isn't? Do you REALLY care about what I'm writing about? really?
† Don't just friend me without commenting on this post. I don't check my userinfo a hell of a lot, and when I do, clutter drives me insane, so it's possible I'll ban your journal to keep it off my 'also friend of' list. If you want me to add you, I highly recommend commenting to this post ;)
† I rarely remove people unless they remove me first. If I do happen to remove you, it's because you never update, I don't really remember who you are, or I don't actually read your entries.
† If you're just adding me because you like my icons, there's herbskillz for that. It's an open community, and I rarely post icons here.
† If you like my icons, and think I'm cool cheez and whatnot, go ahead and add me. XD
† If you're looking for my iPod tutorial, or any other tutorials I have made/happen to make, they can be found in herbskillz's memories.
† If you're looking for screencaps that I've made/used, some of them are linked in the userinfo of herbskillz. Eventually I might actually have all the caps I've made uploaded. ;)

(Deleted comment)
♥ I'm your friendly neighborhood maintainer of leon_x_claire and I'd really would love for us to be friends. :D~ cuz'...uh. RE = pwn, and Leon/Claire = otp? XD *headdesks*


adding. Right now. And I was about thirty seconds to asking YOU to friend me, so ahaha. *goes*

We have a few friends in common, and you like RE. omg ♥

...Holy Flist batman. XD


I have a couple of mutual friends regarding the Figgy incident (selphish and knowledgequeen). I don't know Figgy, but I was linked to your post about the situation and I just wanted to let you know that I admire the way you handled the whole thing.

So, I'm requesting friendship because you seem like such a level headed and great person, plus we have a few common interests (and I'm in love with Final Fantasy).

I'll wait for you to reply or not before adding you :)

Well, that's actually the first time I've ever been described as level-headed, BUT, sure! XD I shall add you!

I randomly wandered across your lj a while ago x3. thought you wash teh cool...and then I ADDed on commenting. But I came back and o_o you have regina spektor on your lj o_o! So I un-ADDed on it. u.u I have problems with ADD sorry, XD.

1) I like your writing style which means your journal is probably fun to read.
2) My name is Rhea Monique, I'm 20, and I love zombies. And by zombies I mean Leon Kennedy, but also zombies because zombies are post apocalyptic, which is cool. I also like photography and am majoring in Political Science. (Here is my portfolio so you can see what kinda stuff I take photos of, haha.)
3) Resident Evil is one of my favorite games, I rp it frequently with friends, and you seem also into it, which means it would be cool to know another RE dork :o
4) Dorkiness of this intro aside, I hope you don't mind I added you. I rarely ask total strangers for adds, but I figured I would give it a try...hence this overtly long and silly introduction!

Totally added. I don't have nearly enough RE geeks on my flist, and you seem pretty cool (I just hope my journal isn't a disappointment in fun level of reading XD)

Y'know, it occurs to me that you and I have had several incidences of banter and lol and whatnot over at the L/C community, so I figured what the hell...we might as well banter and lol more often. ^^ My life's not horribly interesting, so if you can put up with me angstmuffining on my LJ, we can be friends.

likewise on the uninteresting life and angstmuffining, but I think we'll get along fine. XD I'm adding you!

Found you 'cause I liked your icons, but then saw we have quite a few fandoms in common, so SUP. I believe that's a good lj add reason XD

Fandoms is always an excellent reason. XD Added!

Hey, I see you around LJ a lot, and I'm not going to hold back--I think you're hot shit and I desperately want to be your friend. XDD

We're both members of a lot of the same communities and have several mutual friends, so I figure that means we have a lot in common, right?

Add me, please :D???

There is a possibility I might have known you at Hesser... but the question I'd want to ask probably would be better if done off comments since it would do with your name...

You could email me? unknowngoddess[at]gmail.com

....we iz can be friends again?

i can has sumi friendz!

(Deleted comment)
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!


Hey from ID Land. Since I finally actually, like, talked to you, figured I might as well friend you on LJ :D

Hey! It's Sasha from another game we were in. I wanted to invite you here Dollhouse it's a horror game. <3.