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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is getting tired again.
five more seconds;
Watching LOTR:ROTK.

well... not really. It's on, and it's been on... but I haven't really been watching it at all. I kinda look over every now and then and I'm like 'oh! Gandalf! or Eek! Spider!'

I'm getting tired. Today's been decent. Had my ego boosted leik woah by lheena as she watched my AMVs, and now RPing with sumi. Because we RP gud.

I should really go to sleep. Dad sayd we'd go to Ichiban tomorrow for lunch if I woke up early enough. Which actually means I can't much around for an hour and a half like I usually do. I REALLY want some GOOD sushi before I go back to Hell, so I need to put in that effort.

...There's about an hour left of the movie. I'm trying to figure out if I'd rather leave it on and fall asleep to it, or shut it off, turn moosic on, and go sleepies that way.

Either way, once Sumi finishes her post, I call night.

I got accepted into yet another RP as Yuna. Man. I'm just staking claim to her all over the place! XD

I'm the only X character right now other than Rin, Baralai, and Nooj. Sadness. I was thinking about apping for Rinoa as she isn't taken, but I really just don't get her mentality enough to make it believable. It amuses me that Fujin was taken before Rinoa, though. *snorfle*

...this RP, by the way, is squenix_uni. sseu_mods has more of that general informationy stuff you need in addition to like.. character list.


and randomly, for another RP I just joined formerfantasy

......Yup. That's it.

...................................._foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy _foreverfantasy


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Heh. we RP gud. XD Also, shall be thinking of ways to add variety to this log we're workin' on.

Yeah. But we can't go to 4am like we did the past two nights. I need to be up at like... 8 in the morning.

Yeah, I slept 'til 1:00 XD

You're the Yuna-whore, and I'm the Aerith-whore. *pets flower girl*

It all balances out well.

...You know, even though Aerith doesn't have a nose.

Yes Varis, Pimp! Pimp like the Mack Daddy you really are!

Between you and lheena I feel pressured to applie for all these various RPs! *wibbles* It's all you fault(s).

.. NOTE: Don't post comments without spellchecking first.

Silly girl. XD


Damn you. I've already started writing up the application for Edward at formerfantasy. *shakes fist*

YAY!!! >D

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