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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is having her booty rated.
five more seconds;
....Okay, not my booty. But I somehow found this community...and joined. and posted like a h0.


...So, look, if you don't know what I look like. THERE. 21 pictures of ME! XD

...And tell me how smexy you think I am here da? I want my ego boosted. >=D

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OMG. Your eyes are so pretty o___o i love the color.

^___^ Thank you. I love them too. For a while they were all crazy-changey-colorness-whenever-i-changed-clothes, but when I hit sixteen they just settled on that seafoamish color.

They're beautiful :D

Mine are this nearly undefinable blue/grey/green color. There's yellow flecks in them, which is what makes them change so much I think.

I find you particularly smexy with the glasses on. Don't know why, but I do. And just because I'm an ass, you looked almost stoned in #14 and halfway stoned in #13. XD

..I was pretending to be Quistis in those pictures. XD I usually don't wear my glasses that far down the bridge of my nose.

..And I know. but there were ones where I looked WAY more stoned that I didn't post. o__O For some reason my eyes look like that when I don't pay attention, I guess.

...You know, I was about to say that you reminded me of Quistis in those pics. So, yes, it does give the impression. XD

o_O That's really odd, but I think I can understand. My brother used to have that problem, too. Of course, he WAS stoned half of the time. XD

Yay! glad my intent wasn't completely wasted. XD

ahaha... Well, I think It's because a lot of the time I just scowl at stupid people, and my eyes go all half-lidded, so yeah. I am eternally not-stoned-but-look-it. XD

You have nice hair. :)

Thanks. 8D I'd like to thank Garnier Fruitis for that. XD

You're so cute. <3 And I hate you for your gorgeous eyes. Mine are this blah-blah oh-so-average yellowish-brown.

Waaah! I'm not cute! u___U

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