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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is feeling a lot better now.
five more seconds;
I've got a B in English.

Life = Good.

I've gotten my Yuna figure, she is awesome and sitting on my desk. I've sent the money off for Garnet and Steiner.

I'm wearing all pink, because I'm in such a good mood right now I just couldn't bring myself to put on my usual million shades of black.

My bra is even pink. Go me. I hate this bra, but I find I don't mind it right now.

I should paint my toes pink too, as my nails are already black and it's a bitch to get that color off.

8D Good moods are good. I should hunt down evanesce and jpegasus tonight and see if they want to do some YRP. I want YRP!

...I think I want to play X-2. I'm just in the mood to be like 'Y! R! P! READY FOR ACTION!'

I can't figure out if this is real or just another pretend emotion, but I really don't care right now.

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I've been trying to calibrate Lightening Tower #10 for like an hour, and it's starting to drive me nuts. *glares at her PS2*

Anyway, I'm game if you are! :)

Fucking lightning towers. I totally gave up even bothering with those. I don't think it effects the story at all anyway.

...*eyes BL* Hmmm... *Makes IMs*

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