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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul has a few things.
five more seconds;
First of all:

My first comedy-ish video. I like it. XD

and I <3 _foreverfantasy Omfg. Every single one of my RPers. *Loafs* You guys rock so much. Even the idle ones.

WHICH reminds me. I'm thinking I'm going to express-shoot the Gullwings and Co to Guadosalam, which may give Trudy and Rach a bit more to do. XD Poor Sephiroth and Seymour. Shacked up and having all that mansex. Someone must be a little sore by now.

...I'll shut up now. XD

....I still need a Cloud though! And a Blank! Anyone on F-list interested? I'll love you, as will our Tifa player.

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*will not give in to the Cloud! will remain strong!*

Errr... so like, HYPOTHETICALLY if I were to express interest... what sort of plot you got cooked up? *squint*

...The world went 'Splody. In a manner of speaking. Lots of dead people came back, and now they're all wandering around. Seymour's fault. Now all the worlds are kind of crammed together, although the majority of it is Spira because it's Seymour's fault that the worlds got stuck together.

At the moment everyone is scattered all over the place, and there's like.. some are trying to fix it, and others are angsting, and getting distracted... As far as the general plot goes, it's all in the Userinfo.

...More specific stuff is that all of my Seven players are bad and Idle.

...But in general for that, Rufus is trying to pull ShinRa off the ground, which he's been subliminal about at the moment, and he's going to try and take over Spira.

While Emporer Gestahl from 6 is doing just about the same thing.

So, we've got Seymour and Sephiroth trying to make everyone die, and Rufus and Gestahl trying to take over places that don't belong to them, and all sorts of really random stuff in between. XD

So, who are the other Seven characters that are milling about? Just out of curiosity. And ah, if one were possibly considering applying, where would one do that?

We've got... Aeris, Tifa, Barrett(He's on Hiatus right now. His computer died.), Cait Sith/Reeve, Rufus, and...uh. I think we had someone else but I can't remember off the top of my head. *eyeshift*

...And if one were possibly considering applying, one would go to the userinfo of _foreverfantasy, fill out the application found near the bottom of the long list of rules which are there to keep people who can't read out, and email it to the foreverfantasyrpg@yahoo.com address so that Vicki can keep everything on file like a good crazy person. 8D

*throws paper wad at the Mod* I AM NOT IDLE! I am an ACTIVE FF7 character! Tifa is made at you now. >/

Give into the Cloudness! I will forever love you if you play as Cloud. I'm -yearning- for some Cloud and Tifa interaction! *uses her 1337 pe33r pressure skills* Giiiive in! You will have fun, I promise =D

*angsts over the lack of Irvine-ness*

*angsts over the lack of finding Sefie-ness too*

*folds her arms*

I need something to do ... I'm getting bored... and... I don't know what to do... hey... *tempted to play 7 for a bit and take over nanaki*

Your Blank prayers have been answered!

I'm sure he and Zidane will get along a nice non-mansex way!

I should pimp _FF more in my journal.

In fact, I should treaten some people. :D

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