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An innocent soul has a few things.

First of all:

My first comedy-ish video. I like it. XD

and I <3 _foreverfantasy Omfg. Every single one of my RPers. *Loafs* You guys rock so much. Even the idle ones.

WHICH reminds me. I'm thinking I'm going to express-shoot the Gullwings and Co to Guadosalam, which may give Trudy and Rach a bit more to do. XD Poor Sephiroth and Seymour. Shacked up and having all that mansex. Someone must be a little sore by now.

...I'll shut up now. XD

....I still need a Cloud though! And a Blank! Anyone on F-list interested? I'll love you, as will our Tifa player.
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