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An innocent soul really wishes that the stupid people at GK world would be straight about their Emai


SO. I got this supposed package today. The one that I thought, from the Email, would be my Yuna and Garnet figures?

...It wasn't. It was the other missing part of the order. My Yuna and SquallxRinoa wallscrolls. While the scrolls are very nice, and I managed to find space for them on the wall, I can't make silly actionfigurey comics with wallscrolls.

....I am irritated. And after I re-read that Email to make sure they misled me, I'm emailing them to angst. Grr.

EDIT: Okay. After reading the Email, so it seems they DID tell me that the Wallscrolls had been shipped and would be arriving. But they said that the Yuna and Garnet figures should be shipping sometime in five to seven business days. Doing the math, that gives them until Wednesday to ship my shit out. =/

...It really sucks to be them with all these seperate orders. Since I don't have to pay for shipping. I don't see how they're making any money by mailing so much shit in so many different boxes. Espically when shipping is like, 6 bucks per box. I've gotten three packages from them thus far, and they owe me one more.

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