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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Does anyone remember which of my characters said something about the point of alcohol was to slowly kill yourself over the years with it, not to do it all at once? I'm like *___* trying to remember if it was one of my Hestia incarnations or someone else.

...Yeah I'm being kind of spammy right now. And my mood is fluxuating. And I've been nursing this bottle of 12 oz Mt Dew for the past hour forcing myself to not go unconcious on Sumi again. I've fallen asleep on her like, four times. I feel so guilty when I do that.

....And you know, as pretty as that diamond Bra is, that shit is WAY expensive. And it can't be all that comfortable.

...and I kind of just realized that I changed the channel with my knee. I was wondering why there were boobies on the Cartoon Network.

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You amuse me darling. XD

I amuse me too sometimes.

...And I haven't told you yet how much I <3 that icon, have I? 8D

Bwahaha. My mother even likes that icon. XD

Aw. You shouldn't feel bad about falling alseep on me! XD I feel bad about keeping you UP to late. Damned time zones.

What's the time Difference? Three hours? 8D

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