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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
five more seconds;
My brain is going to explode if I can't find some Screencaps of Jill Valentine that aren't the pictures from RE:A that are posted on Yahoo and IMDB.

DIDN'T ANYONE BOOTLEG AND SCREENCAP THE MOVIE LIKE GOOD LITTLE PIRATES?! @___@ I want variation in my Susan icons. And I made the BRILLIANT choice of using someone who's blonde in most of her pictures for a PB.

...I don't want Susan to be blonde. And I don't want her to be a redhead. And I really liked Sienna Guillroy's look in RE:A. It gave me Susan vibes.

...Also, I have the urge to make kickass Jill icons. I can't do that with few pictures of her all like *Pose* *Look* *Glare* *...* @________@ *With Gun* BLAH.

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I wish I could help you, really I do...

But I just can't take you seriously with Rusty staring at me like that.

Pffffffffffffft. It is a perfectly angered expression. XD

No worries anyway. I'm downloading a bootleg using the wonderful technology that is LimeWire! Muahaha. Four more hours and I can watch RE:A whenever I want in shitty quality, AND make screencaps.

If thats justifiable, I'm Mary, mother of God.
And we all know how religious I am. *snort*

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