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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul's not that innocent *cue cheezy Britney music*
five more seconds;

I will kill AIM though. Kill it Dead. it fucked up a lot. blah.

But yeah. Varis's characters=Much with the Sexxorz.

tee hee.

Oh! and they shipped my Yuna and Dagger figures! Finally! YAY! So, hopefully, come Friday I'll have my action figurey goodness complete. I just wish they had a Tidus properly preportioned to the X-2 figures. As I really don't wanna buy the X Yuna, and the X Tidus is either WAY too big, or too small. u___U one is a foot tall, the other is... I dunno. Shorter.

blah. No sex for Action Figure Yuna then. Unless she decides she wants to be a lesbian. Which she won't. Paine and Rikku have already gotten that covered. (...These are the pictures you haven't seen yet. >=D Varis=Dirty when bored.)

I'm actually really tired though. So I'm going to go to sleep so I can wake up early again and make a bunch of rough thumbnails for Graphic Design class.

...So yeah. Sleep. Wheeeee.

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Oh man. That icon just scared the PISS out of me for a second. I was like "LKJSDLKAGFAN ACTUAL CARTOON PORN WHAT!?"

Rinoa's ass has an unearthly glow. I thought you should know.


Yeah. I know. You should she the WHOLE thing. Ohman. XD

... Do you have the entire picture for that icon? Because the proportion just doesn't seem right to me... @___@


It's kinda wacky, but I was heavily amused by it. If only I could find that picture of Bed-head Squall again... *sighs*

Yeah, the proportion in that... Make my head go spinny. XD

omg wtf gte ur s3xx0rz off fo my lj >=\


*snickering* Action figure porn. XD

..Hey. I'm not the one with an icon of a shoe with a GAMEBOY in it. OMGWTF. o__O I want shoes like that.


Yes. My action figures go at it like crazy. It's a good thing I don't have my RE figures here with me. Or my Star Wars. Then there would be like.... Cross-fandom orgy.

The Pikashoe! *invades everyone's journal with it* I have a bunch of other pics of Gameboy Shoes. They're amazing.

Man, college warped you quick. XD

Aw. No Lesbian Action Figure threesome? XD

....No. Unless I get drunk, there will be no Lesbian Action Figure threesome.

Actionfigure!Zidane's nose is bleeding heavily from the oversexing of the RikkuxPaine action as it is. He couldn't handle adding Yuna to the mix.

...Besides, Dagger will be there then to impose order on the other action figures. Rusty will be too, so basically, none of my action figures will be getting any after they arrive. 8D


There are Lesbian!Rikku pictures that you haven't shown me?!
I feel insulted and ready to threaten you with dirty Quina pictures when I get the action figure I ordered.

.....How did you find that set to order?!

Eiko and Amarant. Quina and Freya. The only sets I will never own, due to extreme suxxorz in rareness, and a fucking bastard outbidding me on Ebay. muttergrumbleKILLdeathDIEDIEDIE

:D I stalk a shit-load of online sellers, thats why. have you tried http://gkworld.zoovy.com/ ? I'm not sure, but I think they still have it.

That's where I got all my other FF shit. My Yuna, Rikku, Paine figures, Garnet and Steiner. They didn't have anything other than those when I ordered my shit.

...And I'm really not keen on ordering from them again, considering the extreme slowness of getting parts of my order to me.

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