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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is amused.
five more seconds;
...For the record. theholloway, yin_yue? I love Riku and Mickey fiercely. Leik Woah. They both make me giggle with their interactionality.


Roomie!Hannah is high. which is kinda funny.

I'm probably gonna shut down soon, so I can get lots of sleep. I'm kinda tired. @__@

Zidane is very horny monkey.

SVU is gud.

I like making random one-sentance lists.

Forever Fantasy has no plot, I've realized. Sure, we pretend it does, but really, it's all about *DododoSEXdododoHOLEdododoMORESEXdododoNAKEDMONKEY!*

....Seriously. No wonder all the boys fell inactive. For some reason, THEY are the mature ones. XD Oh what a world. That Nick and Brad are maturity, and the rest of us are giggly schoolgirls.

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Oh lord. XD Fujin is doing something akin, although she's pretending to not be freaked out, just mildly irritated. I dunno if she's fooling anyone.

Not really, but her loud yelling for Seifer and Reno freaked Riku out. XD

XD I think it freaked Wakka out too. XD All my characters in KC..hooboy. Meg's being sarcastic while being trapped in a closet(She was very close to calling Mickey 'Little Mousey') and Yuna is like '....Where is everybody? ;_;' and Fujin is like *SPAZBUTPRETENDINGNOTTOSPAZ.ISCOMPLETELYRATIONALSTOPSTARINGDAMMIT.* XD


When Meg and Tidus were talking I died laughing. Stuck in a closet and everything perfectly all right, yep.

Aerith and Yuna should meet up. They can be all "T___T Where are you guys?" together.

I know. God. Then when Tidus was like 'I thought you said everything was okay! I'm coming to get you!' Meg was just like '...Fuck.' She doesn't like Tidus. She thinks he's a complete moron.

OMG they should. Let's do it. Unite!FF characters across the ages! 8D

Yeah, and later... "Remember the girl in the closet?" "Yep!" "She has a long ponytail." "Oh..."

Riku restrained himself very well from not hitting Tidus with his keyblade. XD

Aerith: T_T NO!
Aerith+Yuna: *WAIL*

OMG I know. XD I laughed so hard. Meg is saying 'SMACK HIM. SMACK HIM HARD.'

Even Yuna's a bit like omghowcanibeinlovewithhim?

XD That would be just about how that would go. XD Only Yuna doesn't wail. She hiccups. 8D *Is bad*

Tidus is blonde. It explains everything.

... I wonder if you could call Riku a blonde. Mickey's description of him had me in giggles.

Close enough. XDD

Yeah, but IT ISN'T NATURAL. His roots are BROWN. and KH!Tidus's hair is brown too!

...I don't think so. It's like Fujin. And Sephiroth. And Kuja. And all the other Silver-haired folks in the games.

....Fujin is angsting now because she's the only female with silver hair. XD

Yeah yeah. *waves hand* 8D


Oh well. I need to go do homework anyways. XD


No! Don't submit to the system! I want to know what you said! 8D

It was something around the lines of agreeing with you about Tidus' bleached hair and then whining how their DOES need to be more white/silver haired girls. XD

*watches Sephiroth preen himself* ......... Although he may count as one.

Ohkaythen. XD

*giggles at Sephiroth* Kuja counts too though. A lot more, since he's got the hips, and the outfit. XD They're like 'He disguises what he truly is' in relation to stuff. Then it's like '...Well, no shit. He looks like a chick.' *Dork. Haha.*

Oh god, Kuja... girlyboy. Totally. XD

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