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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is amused.
five more seconds;
...For the record. theholloway, yin_yue? I love Riku and Mickey fiercely. Leik Woah. They both make me giggle with their interactionality.


Roomie!Hannah is high. which is kinda funny.

I'm probably gonna shut down soon, so I can get lots of sleep. I'm kinda tired. @__@

Zidane is very horny monkey.

SVU is gud.

I like making random one-sentance lists.

Forever Fantasy has no plot, I've realized. Sure, we pretend it does, but really, it's all about *DododoSEXdododoHOLEdododoMORESEXdododoNAKEDMONKEY!*

....Seriously. No wonder all the boys fell inactive. For some reason, THEY are the mature ones. XD Oh what a world. That Nick and Brad are maturity, and the rest of us are giggly schoolgirls.

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Me? Mature? I'm flattered! Don't make me giggle like a three-year-old girl.

You should be. ...Ahaha. Giggly. God. Why did I ever think that FF would be a mature Role playing game?

Varis, you've gone senile in your young age. What would ever possess you to think that it would be a mature RP? =P

Dude I'm only a year younger than you. If even. ...And I thought it would be mature because the plot was mature and well thought out... except for the part that came to me while I was lying in a delusional haze on my bed at three am in the morning. Which is actually most of the concept for the RP....okay. I guess maturity isn't a possibility.

And this is why I said young age. I'm not old, dammit! Aaaaaaannnnnnd...I heart you so much. XD

Okay. XD Aww. I heart you too. XD

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