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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is amused.
five more seconds;
...For the record. theholloway, yin_yue? I love Riku and Mickey fiercely. Leik Woah. They both make me giggle with their interactionality.


Roomie!Hannah is high. which is kinda funny.

I'm probably gonna shut down soon, so I can get lots of sleep. I'm kinda tired. @__@

Zidane is very horny monkey.

SVU is gud.

I like making random one-sentance lists.

Forever Fantasy has no plot, I've realized. Sure, we pretend it does, but really, it's all about *DododoSEXdododoHOLEdododoMORESEXdododoNAKEDMONKEY!*

....Seriously. No wonder all the boys fell inactive. For some reason, THEY are the mature ones. XD Oh what a world. That Nick and Brad are maturity, and the rest of us are giggly schoolgirls.

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Me? Mature? I'm flattered! Don't make me giggle like a three-year-old girl.

You should be. ...Ahaha. Giggly. God. Why did I ever think that FF would be a mature Role playing game?

Varis, you've gone senile in your young age. What would ever possess you to think that it would be a mature RP? =P

Dude I'm only a year younger than you. If even. ...And I thought it would be mature because the plot was mature and well thought out... except for the part that came to me while I was lying in a delusional haze on my bed at three am in the morning. Which is actually most of the concept for the RP....okay. I guess maturity isn't a possibility.

It has a plot. It jsut lacks active villains. XD

Well, it also lacks active Main character!X-ers. *keff*

Sephiroth is too busy having hot mansex plotting mayhem to leave Guadosalam. >_>

And oh yeah. XD Thanks. Riku is a ton of fun to play.

Mmmmmm....Mansex Yes, well. Plotting is good. We like plotting.

And Riku is fab. Leik woah. I love the way you play him. So very much. *_*

I need to play Aerith more. My poor flower girl is running around like a nut around Traverse Town trying to find her friends. XD

Mmmm man!sex. At lest we have Rufus. xD

_FF could have a plot, if it really wanted too. I mean, right now the characters are mingling/having sex/getting drunk but soon there will be plot.

Told you that I love being delusional.

...There are characters getting drunk? WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

My characters want to drink too! Quistis is just an alcoholic WAITING to happen!

Yup. Delusional. Lots of it.

Reeve and Barret have had two drinking sessions already. (Although, no kinky hateful-man!sex has happened yet.)

Really, if Quistis wasn't stuck on a ship in the middle pf the ocean, she should swing by Midgar. Reeve could use a chat with some one who wouldn't like to shoot his head off.

OMG, Annissa/Delusion OTP!

Just wanted you to know that your icon made me giggle.

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