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An innocent soul is about to take off.

BUT! Before I do. Drabble that I said I wrote but never posted.

Tidus and Yuna Drabble. Pg-....um. 13...? Maybe?

A burst of laughter, a flutter of ruffled fabric, and a door-slam later she found herself pressed beneath him, his solid weight pressing the metal Abes crest almost painfully against her chest, but the dull pain was far from her mind, far from his. Her fingers tangled in sun-bleached hair, blue and green eyes tightly shut to hold in the barrage of emotions washing over her slender form from the mere touch of his lips.

Hands were wandering. Gloved fingers trailing curiously along the curves of her hips, lips broke away from her own, kisses trailing along jaw line and neck.

"….Yuna.." his voice was deeper, it sounded almost like he was breathing her name, his fingers finding the hem of her thin cotton trappings, and despite the emotions and growing desire, her eyes flew open and shoulders tensed. He felt it and lifted his head, cerulean blue eyes gazing at her with some kind of innocence and honesty which couldn't possibly be completely true from someone who knew where his hands should be so well…

"….Is this alright?" Soft tenor, damn him, always making her melt with a word. Her shoulders relaxed, and she gave a tentative nod. He smiled softly and kissed her again.

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