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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is leik tired.
five more seconds;

I am in Brewer, Maine right now, up in the Ex-Bedroom that I never was able to spend the night in when I was supposed to live up here, due to the fact that the dead silence of the room freaked me right the hell out. And the buzzing flies being the only sound didn't help too much.

But, now I'm like *SWEET! ALONE TIME!!!* And the bed. SO much more comfortable than my bed at school omg. *___* It's a little short, but I don't THINK i'll have issues with feet going off the edge tonight. Since I'm just hanging out right now waiting for someone to suddenly molest me in dire need of RP *Hopes*, I'm feeling comfy and warm and good enough to give a full recap of the eventage.

So, after aristide and I got done talking on AIM and I'd shut Lulu down, I was packing for like, two minutes then Heather called and was like 'We're pulling into the parking lot' and I was like 'FUCK!' cuz I wasn't done packing. So I ran around the dorm like a crazed chicken and threw shit into my duffle until I was packed, then dragged all my stuff downstairs. Then I realized I'd forgotten my book, and I can't LIVE without my book, so I ran BACK upstairs to get book. And contacts. Because I'd told Ward I'd forgotten my contacts. Which I had. But that had been because I had no ruddy clue where the case was. So I just grabbed a new pair (As it's a new month anyway) and shoved those in my bag as I ran out the door. With book.

Then went to Brother's house, and was attacked by Homer the Dog for a while before it was time to go sleep. I didn't go sleep right away. They left, and I was halfway through watching the second episode of Law & Order: SVU, so I finished watching that because it was awesome while I was setting up the Futon with bedding and getting into my fleecies, then STILL while SVU was on I turned on the computer and burned a CD so I'd have something to listen to tomorrow, and by the time the CD finished burning SVU was over, so I shut the TV off as it was Monk after that, and I don't like that show, so I put headphones on and burned another CD while listening to what I'd burned on the first CD.

After that, I got the urge to drabble, so I wrote a drabble which I'll post in a bit. Then I went sleepy.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 AM. This is the earliest I've been up since being awoken by the Hell Child that Joz lives with. @_______@ Took a shower. Which you don't care about. Then got dressed in Boob!Top and makeup and contacts of doom. And my jewelry, of course. Yuna Pendant, Yuna Ring, Class Ring, and Random Heart Ring I Found On The Floor In The Bathroom At School. *shrug*

So then we hit the road, I fell asleep after we had Burger King for Breakfast, and slept most of the way I think, then I read a few chapters of my book.

Once we got to Bangor there was an hour and a half of waiting, in which my brother and I explored every room we could of the mansion we were throwing the party in (There were a lot of locked doors. We were sad.) And I took pictures, which I'll upload once I get back to school. (sumi. I was SO amused. The Staircase in this mansion was like, EXACTLY like the staircase in Alexandria Castle in style. I was being a dork and pretending I was all regal and Garnet-ized when I was walking down it. Tee hee.)

Then Shari showed up with Dad, and it was all SURPRISE! and he laughed. Because that's what he does when he gets surprised. He doesn't go 'O__O!!! OMGYAHEY!' like most people would. He is... so immovable. @___@ Party was good, although girly cramps made it not as pleasant as it could have been. I hid in the bathroom at one point because it was just like *ANGST* in my lower abdomen, so I just took pictures of myself. I'm just camera whoring right now. It was fun. I took a picture of my boob shirt too, but I couldn't really get a prime cleavage shot because I had to stretch my arm. It was crazy though. @__@ I was like *...I have Boobs* the whole day.

So party ended at four, then Dad took me over to Target to get a new watch, (as mine just went *I hate you! I shall no longer work!* this morning. And no, it wasn't the battery. I just got it changed a month ago. Watch was 7 years old. It was it's time.) and after glaring angrily at a pretty watch I couldn't get because the ones with plastic straps I'm allergic to for some reason, and my skin gets all bubbly and gross. But then I found one of almost identical make with a nylon strap, only it was light blue instead of purple. I do like it though. It's pretteh. I'll take pictures of that too.

then we went out to dinner with Shari and James, and I got a 'Lobstah Roll' Mmmmm.... Extra!Meat. Sosogood. *__*

...And now am back here, settled in for the night. I dun wanna go to sleep yet though.

But so everyone knows, I'll be back at the Dorms by five or so tomorrow EST. Shari and James are picking me up about 11 here, and it's a four hour-ish drive.

...Sooo yeah. Fwee.

That's it. o___o

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...boobs are always good.

If you're a girl. Of course.


But what about my manboobs?

>=\ when I say they're okay I'll mention it in my post!!

....okay? :D


...Okay. =D

Boobs are good. I like my boobs quite a lot. I would be sad and unbalanced without them.

....Yes. Of course.

I remember that watch, it was all 90's and gheto.
I mourn.

I know! Fare thee well, Turquoise and Purple watch which didn't match anything. I knew thee well.

...Actually, I'll probably keep it and hang it off my corkboard because I'm a packrat like that. XD

The Staircase in this mansion was like, EXACTLY like the staircase in Alexandria Castle in style.

W00t! W00t I say! XD Now see, the awesome thing to do would be crazy FFIX cosplay and take pictures there, yes. XD

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