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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is like blah.
five more seconds;
YOU. All of thee who are in _foreverfantasy POST.</a>

Since no one bothers looking at the OOC community, and half the time when journals are posted they don't get replied to, I'm telling you to GO AND POST AND MINGLE. I don't CARE if your character doesn't know this other character. TALK TO THEM ANYWAY.

And check out the Magical NPC character Nooj's post. It has important information in it to everyone, hence why he left it public rather than locking it from evil eyes.


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So does this mean Sephiroth should strike up conversation with just about anyone? XD

...Wise ass. No. Sephiroth is omitted. But that's just because he's supposed to be having gay mansex with Seymour.

..actually, you could probably be really cryptic at the 7 characters. But that's only if they post. Bastards. All of 'em.

I live for it darlin. >D Mmmmmmmansex

It would be more taunting rather than cryptic.

Yay. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmansex.

That works too. >=D

Ouch. What a whipcrack. =X

Damn straight. When my whip cracks, it cracks hard.

...Thing is, I didn't mean for the font to be that big for the whole post. XD But... It's more effective this way. So I left it. XD

XD Yeah, I just went all, "Whoa!" when I saw the post. I was NOT expecting that. Hehe.

Haha. Good. Means it's harder for people to just ignore it. I'll start doing my mod posts in ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS from now on. XD I will live up to my self-employed nickname of 'Bitchy!Mod' dammit! Vanessa's the one with the tea and sugar and the '<333 to players ^__^!' and I kill people. And chew on their heads. Then spit them back into the hell they crawled out of.

...Okay. Overtired. @__@

...Varis. You scare me.

GOOD! =D Respect through fear is so much more FUN than respect through diplomacy.

Your right. Guh, screw waiting for others.
Maybe I'll just have Reeve contact Tifa and try to get a group together to check out the ShinRa building... And just what is Rufus' player up to anyway?


Rufus' player is plotting world domination. I shit you not.

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