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An innocent soul is busy.

Things to Do:

+ Update Logs for fflogs
+ Update userinfo for _foreverfantasy
+ Make Bed
+ Reorganize Dresser Drawers
+ Fold Laundry and put it away
+ Put dirty laundry in hamper
+ Go to ATM and get money to put on Laundry card
+ Do Laundry
+ Start Paper #1 draft for Friday
+ Set Alarm Clock for 9 am so I can make my meeting with the Library lady at 10.
+ Poke people about their activity in _foreverfantasy
+ Make NPC journals for Nooj, Baralai, and Bahamut.
+ Figure out where the hell my sleep mask got to
+ Clean Fan
+ Call Ward about going to Maine this weekend
+ Draw Buildings
+ Reorganize Desk
+ Work on icons for contests.


.....@_________@ No particular order.

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