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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul doesn't wanna pet the monkey.
five more seconds;
My brain has that dull ache thing going on that happens either when you don't get enough sleep, or get too much. I'm really not sure which one it is at the moment.

..But yeah. I need to start cracking my whip at people for plot development. When the FFIX side of things is the only side that's moving in a forward motion? Yeah. Time to light a few fires. WHERE HAVE ALL MY X PLAYERS GONE?!?! Seriously. It's like... 'Well, we live in this world, and it's probably something that we know about that's wrong, but hey, let's not do anything! =D!' --; No. Bad. I can't carry the plot if no one is RPing.

..And yeah. theholloway? Remind me that we need to do our Quistis Zell stuff. Cuz I keep forgetting. *eyeshift*

I have to go to class in half an hour. aargh. I dun wanna goooo. @___@

I should probably get dressed first though. Hm.

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At lest you have players about! I haven't heard from our Barret or Krystal in ages.

Man, Reeve's ass is getting numb on the barstool he was left sitting on and Fratley has the urge to go wondering.

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