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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is a little crazy.
five more seconds;
SO. Finally got Part One of my order. I should get Part Two tomorrow. I also got my Yuna pendant and ring that I got off Ebay, so squee. What did I get in this order? WELL...

I got Rikku and Paine action figures. Makes me a little sad as I was hoping to get Dagger and Rusty first, but eh. I'll get Yuna and Dagger and Rusty tomorrow. I also got all three of my YRP!Pins, which are ADORABLE they're all chibi and cute <3 I got a Sango pin too, which is also very adorable. I got the FFIX complete soundtrack. And it was Japanese which I wasn't expecting, but it's cool, I just have no idea what the names of the songs I'm listening to are. (Other than Melodies of Life and all the ones I already know. o_o) Then I now have a complete set of FFIX keychains. (XD) aaand... A Zidane Wallscroll. I'm quite happy that was the first thing they sent me.

....And because I'm such a silly person, I took pictures. Zidane figured before Dagger and Yuna and Rusty arrive tomorrow to spoil all the fun, he'd do a little 'partying' XD

Zidane and Rikku get to know each other better. *Keff*

...And Paine seems fond of him.

.........Very fond.

..Here we be pimpin. Oh yeah. Ignore the Pepsi can.

This was taken a few days ago, but I figured I'd toss it in since it was on my HD and I didn't take any pictures of Vivi with the girls.

The wallscroll on my wall. I swear I didn't think it would be this big, but it totally makes me glee. I <3 it so.

Yuna pendant. I'm totally loving it. It's so pretty. *__* Pic obviously doesn't do it justice.

And the Ring that came with it. Fwee.

...Tee hee. I am a geek. Rikku and Paine came with weapons. What fun. My roommate was making cheap action-figure porn with Rikku earlier. She found it fascinating that she was wearing a thong, and that the skirt was impossibly short. XD

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It's not impossibly short for me... *holds her Impossibly short green suede, zip up the front mini* see?

...You do realize that There's less than an inch of fabric between the bottom of Rikku's skirt and her crotch, right? move too much and it's 'Oh! Hello Rikku Cootch, how are you today?'

Oh... that's right... you've never seen the skirt of doom? ... trust me... it's just as short if not shorter.

Zidane and Paine, wtf mate? o_o;

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