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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Because I am bored and enjoy stealing ideas from handful
five more seconds;
Post an anon comment with three things about yourself. See if I can guess who you are. I've shut off the no annony users thing, and the screening of IP. So yeah. Go for the whee. *Sits back and waits paitently*

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I can speak Ancient Greek.

My toenails are painted bright red right now.

My favorite band is The Beastie Boys.

...Figures I get a hard one right off. @__@ Um...

mihrage? or... athena799? @__@

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1) I like Princess Tutu
2) I'm an RP whore
3) I cosplay

wow, that's prolly easy XD

Roleplaying Whore.

Hello Kitty Obsessee.

Music nut.

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1. I'm standoffish.
2. I hurt myself alot.
3. Overkill is my middle name.

..Another hard one. @__@ Either cyblaster or shadowchaser?

1. I plan to major in either linguistics or Japanese.
2. We haven't RPed in quite a while. =\
3. I am a lazy, lazy bastard.

I fangirl. A LOT.

Ditto for ranting.

Has very strong restrictions placed on myself.


....That's like half my BL. @___@

...Um. hecatesknickers?

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I'm playing Kingdom Hearts right now.

Nothing makes me sadder than Fox News except the people who believe it.

I work at a newspaper.

...I have NO idea. I'd say knitmeapony, but I don't think that's right... *headdesk* *Attempts to think*





.....Who are you? I don't know anyone who likes pie. Sheesh.

....XD handful!!!<3

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I'm obsessive much.

I'm probably one of the most fun people you can beat on without risking a prison sentence.

I don't know what else to say.

...I'm tempted to say digitalsushi but I don't think he knows I have journal or if he even remembers who I am... sooo....


1) Overkill is quite possibly my middle name, but I haven't posted in here yet.

2) Um...working on becoming Queen of the Procrastinators!

3) My computer is my boyfriend. *cough* Who needs a real man?

...That's everyone I know. XD


- Tiger people, pokeballs and doors.

- People either classify me as hyper, wangsty or kind.

- BOTTLE ROCKETS!!!1!one!!

1. I love roleplaaaay.
2. And Drakengard.
3. And your AMVs. Valparaiso was stuck in my head for days.

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