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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul needs a lighter note.
five more seconds;

IX Video. Whee. Download it. That is all.

...Yes. This is Spammy. Varis doesn't care.

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Did you get the link I sent you? =O

ahahaha... yeah. I definately didn't see that until I went and logged into my Email. XD *downloads*

.........GLEE. That video was sosogreat. Heee.

...By the way, I'm going to go insane before I figure this out. howthefuck do you speed up vid clips in WMM?

Righclick, More Effects or something like that, and then down at the bottom of the list should be Double Speed.

*....doesn't have that.o___o*

o_O It's like.. Speed Up x 2

Y'know, when I heard this song I imagined Rikku singing about Spira. Anyway, again I haven't played FFIX but I thought the movie was very good, very high quality. Brava!

.....crazy. The song is way to serious/angsty-sounding for Rikku. I could hear Paine doing it, but not Rikku.

....AND PLAY FFIX. I'd let you borrow it if I wasn't clinging to it like a rabid thing, but yeah. It's a good game. Go play it.

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