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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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An innocent soul is going 'o__O'
five more seconds;
....Waaay too many posts.

And I'm looking at my icon comms going 'FUCK' as I've only submitted for like.. one. asdfghjkl; So I've gotta get icons in for like... eight communities by tomorrow Wheeee... @___@

And on a random note. This will be the one, and the only political quip you will see from me on my journal, as I've kept my journal carefully politics free, as I hate watching my F-list vomit Kerry-Edwards at me all the time.

I support Bush. I don't particularly LIKE Bush, but I personally think he hasn't done a terrible job. He is willing to lay down popularity and take all the shit that people throw at him in favor of protecting the country. Sure, he's made mistakes, and a whole lot of money-wasting could've been avoided had he not gone to war against Terrorism in the first place. But I think that he just needed to get it done. Because otherwise no one would. and it who knows how it would end?

I am a Republican. I have nothing against Democrats, and some of my dearest friends are 'Crats. But I personally don't think like they do. And anyone who decides they don't like me because I'm a 'right-wing nutjob'? Fine. You weren't my friend in the first place then.

I do however believe that Kerry won't be an asset to our country. He has done nothing spetacular to stand out in my mind, and I personally think that of the Kerry-Edwards icons I've seen 'Our OTP has better hair' is stupid. If you're voting because of hair, please wear bright stickers so that the snipers know who you are and can remove you.

There. I'm not discussing this with anyone. If you try to strike up an argument with me about it, I'll ignore you. You're welcome to tell me your opinion, but this is mine. Period. No questions asked.

And you will see no further politics from me. The end.

By the way, in case you didn't notice, got the internet back today, kthx.

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Cry. I know you're a republican, and that makes me sad for your values. But you're also a very nice person so I can effortlessly accept your quality as a human being over your quality as a political creature.

PS: I am a left-wing nutjob. :D Like, more liberal than liberal. So I know what it means to face persecution for impractical political beliefs.

*sneaks up* I'm totally in the same boat as you.
*sneaks away*

Amen. Especially that OTP thing. I never did understand it. @_@

The odd thing about major election years, is that it makes a certain seperation apparent between people. The fact is.. This is always just one measure of a person, and not the entire person. Anyone who is too closed minded to not look at every other aspect is just prejudice..

Be proud and firm in your beliefs and your ideals, likewise be open to the consideration of the value of others (enough to say, "I know where you're coming from").. That's the beauty. That's the important thing.. We all have seperate values, and the marvelous miracle is that we are able to have the joy of differences.


Being my fellow AMVwhoreobsesser, I send you the latest at OT as it is to your post. <3

This....is completely OT.


I wandered over here from AMV.org, after watching your 'We Are' AMV. (Which, BTW, ruled. Hard.) Anyway, I poked around over there, then over here, and found somebody else who likes watching Zidane pass out. (Yay!)

Anyway, the point? I friended you, 'cause you're nifty. So if you're wondering who that crazy person is, it's me. Hi. :)

Re: This....is completely OT.

...OMG. *Fangirls your icon* XD

Yay for Zidane passing out! XD So glad you liked the vid too. *___* I'm always like *woe* because the IX videos don't get as much love as the other vids.

....I shall friend you back! I like meeting random new people who have icons that I can fangirl! Whee!

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