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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Phone Post
five more seconds;
955K 4:58
(no transcription available)

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The end of that phone post ruled.


I found a really great Beatrix/Steiner fanfic on fanfiction.net and I was very happy because it was very well written and there is not smut and it's already on chapter 21 and I never thought I'd find something so excellent on fanfiction.net.

I wish I could play FF9. =\ Maybe I will when I go home for Christmas.

XD I had to fangirl for a moment. *Is getting a Steiner action figure in the mail. Only wishes they made a Beatrix one. WOE!*

....Sweet. Will have to search for that. I've had a time finding good 9 fic lately. It depresses me.

Yes. Game is good. Didn't they make a PC version? *___* I'm just fangirling the game again. I forgot how much I hearted IX.

It's one of my favourite FFs! It's all oldschool and cool.

...and can I use that icon? :D It's puuuuuurty.

Yes! Here's the link- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1331742/21/ Well, it's at the last chapter, but ya know. I think it's really well done. The Love Letter scene is coming up and she hasn't written for, like, a month. *angsting over it* I want more story!

Heheh. :)

It's the first one I ever played. Now that I'm getting into the olderschooled stuff I'm like, rebirthing my squee for it. It makes me really sad that it's the least appreciated of all the PS FFs though. It's really one of the better ones, storywise. And characterwise. Not so-much 'OMGTEHANXST!' As much as I love the angst, I can only handle the 7 and 8 in small doses. *Beat 9 in three days first time through XD*

Yes! Go for it! credit to me in keywords would be nifty. 8D

YAY LINK! I'll so start reading that tomorrow after classes when I've got a weekend to slack off. XD

You know what? Most of the Beatrix/Steiner stuff on there is well written. (There's one that's totally OOC and stupid, but I was laughing my ass off anyways, so it was funny if nothing else... and still well written grammatics-wise) It'd definitely worth checking out on fanfiction.net.

That's what I've been doing all night. *cough*

YAY! *loves the icon*

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