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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Posted from another buddy's list because this so needs to be seen.
five more seconds;

This is NOT fucking cool. Everyone stateside needs to speak out against this. Seriously, this cannot happen. This is fucking ridiculous, and stupid. College isn't even a 'dodge' for getting drafted?! What. The. Fuck.

....Everyone click it. Really. This is so very not cool.

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I remember hearing about that. There's something else that's also going to pull people that are on disability (mental and physical) into the draft, from what I read.

The chances of it passing are little to none, because too many people are going to be pissed if their kids/grandkids are drafted and politicians are most concerned with being re-elected. A draft certainly won't make them look good in the eyes of most people, who have children/grandchildren that age.

Yes yes. Varis needs to read the whole thing before she freaks out. But I spaz easily. *___*

>_< That's terrible. But is going to the army mandantory, at least for the guys? Because in Singapore, it's mandantory. :p I'm glad I'm a girl.

According to Snopes, this is probably not going to happen. But, yeah, it'd be really stupid if it was true. It would give substance to the comparison of the war going on now to the Vietnam War. I think that the government's smarter than that. A draft in an unpopular war? Not a very good idea.

This is old news, babe.

That was a bill never intended to pass. It was introduced by some Dems in an attempt to shake some people up. It didn't work, so it was scrapped and more or less forgotten.

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